The following is a list of videos where OBs or their close relatives appear; -


Acting;  Ralph Bates – various excerpts from Hammer Films, Poldark and Dear John.


Discourse;  Padma Shree Professor John Marr - carnatic music theorist in 5 parts.

                   Peter Hamill – Van Der Graaf Generator Story.

                   Jean Vanier – Various interviews


Music; Anna Case, Soprano, wife of Clarence Mackay

             Conchita Supervia, Mezzo- soprano, mother and grandmother of OBs

             Hubert Eidell, Tenor, Father of OB

             Nicholas Danby – organist various works by J S Bach

             Sonnie Hale - (with Tommy Trinder)

             Peter Hamill – Solo or with Van der Graaf various tracks.

             Peter Holman – Parlay of Instruments various tracks.


Play; Cynthia Stockley – The Claw (1927).  Mother of OB


Sport;   Michael Bailey -1945 Varsity Boat Race at Henley –Listed under British  Pathe “Boat Race at Henley”


             Reginald MacDonald-Buchanan Wife’s -1941 Derby Winner listed under British Pathe- “Wartime Derby at Newmarket 1941”

             Henry Morriss – 1925 Derby win with Manna  - listed under British Pathe “The Derby 1925”
             Humphrey de Trafford – 1959 derby win with Parthia – listed under British Pathe “The Derby 1959”
             Freddy Wolff – 1936 Olympics 4 x 400 relay
             Mark Lacayo – landing his plane on Runnymede Listed under British Pathe “Flights of Learning” 1927


Other;  John Aspinall -1300 locomotive at The Ribble Steam Railway Gala
            Bernard Leach Pottery 8 videos listed

Gus Becvar – Czechoslovak legion video; father of OB







1958 BBC recording for the Feast of Christ the King. (all in MP3 format)


Track 1 - Click here


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