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ALLOTT, Prof. Kenneth (26). He was an Anglo-Irish poet, academic and authority on Matthew Arnold. He was born in Glamorgan. He earned a First at Durham University, followed by post-graduate research at Oxford. He was the author of a biography of Jules Verne and two collections of poems, a critical edition of William Habbington's poems, and a play adapted from EM Forster's novel A Room with a View. He held positions at Liverpool University from 1948 until his death in 1973, at which time he was the Kenneth Muir Professor of English.





BON de SOUZA, Prof. Ronald (50). Born Switzerland. BA, New College Oxford. PhD, Princeton University. Emeritus Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Toronto which he joined in 1966. He is best known for his work in Philosophy of emotions and has also made contributions to Philosophy of mind and of Biology. He has contributed to and is frequently cited in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 2005.


CUTLER, Prof. Horace “Hank” (49). Natural product research chemist. Son of Sir Horace Walter Cutler. To Trinity Dublin, Columbia Univ. and Univ. of Maryland. On various research teams till appointed Plant Physiologist US Dept. of Agriculture. Senior Research Prof. Mercer Univ. College of pharmacy and Health science. World expert on Biological active natural products from fungi and plants. He published many books, scientific papers and made presentations throughout the world. 1989 US Chemist of the Year and many other international awards. RIP 2011.



(John) Edmund Garratt Gardner, by Walter Stoneman - NPG x167743


GARDNER, Prof. John Garratt. (86).To Caius Cambridge and Italy. World authority on Italian Literature and poetry particularly Dante. Professor at both London and Manchester Universities. Author.  British Academy Serena Medallist 1922. Grand officer of the Crown of Italy.


LEGGETT, Pof. Sir Anthony (55) Scholarship in Classics to Balliol double 1st in Mods and Greats, scholarship in Physics to Merton 1st and Fellowship. To Univ.of Illinois Research Scientist. Awards include 2003 Nobel Prize for Physics, Wolf Foundation Prize for Research, Fellow of the Royal Society and American and Russian Societies. 2004 KBE.






LELIOR-AGUIRRE, Prof. Luis (20) born Paris to Buenos Aires University for Medicine then Chemistry. Further studies at Cambridge and USA. Numerous prizes and awards including 1970 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Described as “the true monk of science”. The Funducion Istituto Lelior is named in his Honour. Pope Francis was one of his students.


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MARR, Prof. John Ralston (45). He is a British Indologist, writer and a former member of faculty at the School of Oriental and African Languages, London. He is known as a scholar of Carnatic music and Tamil literature and is the author of several publications. His book, An introduction to Colloquial Tamil is a prescribed text for post graduate studies in Tamil language at the School of Oriental and African Languages. He is a founder trustee of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, UK and a recipient of the 2011 Kural Peedam Award of the Central Institute of Classical Tamil. The Government of India awarded him one of its highest civilian honour of the Padma Shri, in 2009, for his contributions to Education.



MEADE-TRAPAGA, Prof. Joaquin (11). Born in Mexico of Irish Spanish origins.  Studied in Texas then Architecture and law at Oxford but served as a Lt in The Inns of Court Yeomanry in WW1. Post War, archaeology in Spain. To Mexico, Professor at San Luis Potosi University. 1926 as Hon Cape & Sword in attendance at the enthronement of Pope Pius XI. 1938 He was tasked by the Government to explore the Huasteca Region and discovered the important sacred sites at Tamtoc and the pyramids and temples near the River Tamuin. 1949 he was elected to the

 exclusive Mexican Academy of History. Author of important works on native history. RIP 1971.





MERTON, Prof. Patrick Anthony (39). Son of Astronomer Gerald Merton. To Trinity Cambridge and St Thomas’s. Staff Medical Research Council, Neurological Research Unit Queen’s sq.1946-57. Lecturer and Professor Physiology Cambridge. Fellow of Trinity. Member of The Royal Society. Over a period of 35 years Merton was responsible for a succession of elegant experiments, nearly all on human muscle, which elucidated the nervous mechanisms responsible for the control of movement, and the nature of muscle fatigue. M.A., M.B., B.Chir., M.D., FRS.  RIP 2000.





O’DEA, Prof. Shane Vincent (63).Professor of English and Public Orator at Memorial, has long been involved with preservation in Newfoundland. He has chaired the boards of Heritage Canada, the Nfld Heritage Foundation, the Nfld Historic Trust and the Nfld. Historical Society. Co-author of two books on Newfoundland buildings, he has published a number of articles and reviews in Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Macmillan Encyclopedia of Architects, Canadian Review of American Studies and Newfoundland Studies. In 1988 he was Memorial University’s first Distinguished Teacher and Canadian Professor of the Year. In 2002 he was made a Teaching Fellow and in 2005 was appointed to the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador. Member of the Order of Canada.


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OKELL Prof. John OBE (52).  After Beaumont He went up to Queen’s Oxford and graduated with a degree in Literae Humaniores. In 1959 he joined SOAS as a trainee lecturer. He attended courses in linguistics and phonetics and was taught Burmese by Dr Hla Pe. After his first visit to Burma on study leave in 1960-61 he was appointed Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer in Burmese. During his SOAS career he taught undergraduates and postgraduates, intensive courses for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the British Council and other organizations, and taught several times at the South East Asia Summer Institute at universities in the USA. He retired from SOAS in 1999 and since then has taught in Burma and Thailand. He also continues to contribute to teaching for SOAS and the FCO. He has published articles on Burmese grammar, literature, music and dialects. His main contribution has been in the field of language teaching, as the author of three language courses and two reference works on Burmese grammar. Among other activities, he has worked as advisor on romanization for the Library of Congress, as language supervisor for the Burmese language programme of the BBC, and as evaluator for the Burmese language programmes of Voice of America and Radio Free Asia. He designed one of the earliest computer fonts for Burmese script and has been Chairman of the Britain-Burma Society since 1988.He was awarded the Tuttle Grand Prize for one of his language courses, and was made an OBE in The Queen’s Birthday Honours, June 2014, for “services to UK/Burma relations”.


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POUNCEY, Prof. Peter (55). Born in China. Joined the Jesuits, to Oxford University. Ultimately experienced a loss of faith. Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1969 he was appointed assistant professor of Greek and Latin in the Classics Department. In 1972, he took up the post of Dean at Columbia College. As Dean, he was a forceful proponent of admitting women to the College. In 1976, Pouncey resigned as Dean. He produced a number of notable works of scholarship, including the book The necessities of war: a study of Thucydides' pessimism which won the university's Lionel Trilling Award. 1984, President of Amerhurst College. Upon his retirement in 1994, he returned to Columbia. His novel Rules for Old Men Waiting won the McKitterick Prize and was nominated for the Commonwealth Writers Prize 2006.





ROUSSEAU, Prof. Philip (57. Born Ceylon. Joined Jesuits. B.A. in Modern History (1962-1965) at Campion Hall, Oxford, D.Phil. in the History Faculty (1968-1972), Lecturer in History at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley (1985); Honorary Research Fellow, University of Exeter, England (1990); Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (1990); Visiting Scholar, Wolfson College, Oxford (1995); Bye Fellow, Robinson College, Cambridge (1996). 2001, Professor of Early Christian Studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. Andrew W. Mellon Distinguished Professor. Author.



SCHWYZER, Prof. Hubert Rudolf (49). Born in Vienna, his family escaped the Anschluss 1938. National service RAF, Reading University where he graduated with a degree in philosophy in 1958. In 1959 to the USA, graduate study at the University of California at Berkeley. Doctorate in 1968. He taught philosophy at the University of Alberta, Canada 1963 to 1965, and then at UC Santa Barbara for 37 years from 1965 until his retirement in 2002. At UCSB he served three separate terms as Department Chair. Hubert’s work centred on Kant and Wittgenstein and sought to examine and make accessible their insights into the nature of the relationship between thought and reality. He published many articles in the leading journals of our profession. His principle work, “The Unity of Understanding: A Study in Kantian Problems”, was published in 1990. RIP 2006.



Anthony Synnott




SYNNOTT, Prof Anthony Jasper (58). Elder brother of Sir Hilary (diplomat qv.) After brief time in the Royal Navy and the Jesuits, received a BSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics, an M.A. from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, and his Ph.D. in Sociology from London University. Professor of Sociology, Concordia University. His publications include over 50 articles in various Canadian, British, American, German, and Dutch journals and four major books.






URQUHART, Prof. Francis Fortescue of Urquhart (86) was an English academic, the first Roman Catholic to act as a tutorial fellow in the University of Oxford since the 16th century. The son of David Urquhart diplomat and MP. To Balliol Oxford. He acquired the nickname "Sligger" as an undergraduate, around 1892. He was lecturer in history (from 1895) and Fellow (from 1896), at Balliol, later becoming Dean. He settled into a life as a "college man", spending much of his time entertaining students, whom he would also take on "reading parties" to his chalet at Chamonix in the vacation. Undergraduates who were in some way in his circle included Harold MacMillan, Evelyn Waugh, Cyril Connolly, Anthony Powell, Harold Nicholson, Quentin Hogg and many others. He is often taken as having influenced the fictional characters of Mr Samgrass in Waugh's Brideshead Revisited and, more closely, Sillery in Powell's “A Dance to the Music of Time” as well as a character of Walter Pater. Urquhart was also Clan Chief.



WIGAN, Prof. Marcus Ramsey (57). Hertford Oxford and Birbeck London. Principal of Oxford Systematics, Professor of both Transport and of Information Systems at Napier University Edinburgh and Visiting Professor at Imperial College London and serves on the Ethics Task Force and the Economic Legal and Social Implications Committee of the Australian Computer Society, of which he is a Fellow. He has worked on the societal aspects of transport, surveillance and privacy both as an engineer and policy analyst and as an organisational psychologist. He has published for over 30 years on the interactions between intellectual property, identity and data integration in electronic road pricing and intelligent transport systems for both freight and passenger movements. He has qualifications in a wide range of fields from physics to psychology, business to intellectual property law. He has served on Ministerial Advisory Councils, as expert advisor to Parliamentary Committees and chaired Standards Australia Committees. He has published, participated and researched in transport and communications issues for over forty years. A life member of Electronic Frontiers Australia and the Australian Privacy Foundation, he remains a long term advocate for civil liberties and equity with special reference to ICT, telecommunications and the internet. He was elected onto the board of ACCAN (Australian Communications Consumer Action Network) in 2013.




de ZULUETTA, Prof. Francis (93) to New College Oxford, Barrister . WW1 Capt Worcestershire Regt. Reader Roman Law at All Souls. Regius Professor Civil Law 1919-48 writer and author. Fellow of Merton, New and All Souls Colleges. RIP 1958.








Raffaele Altwegg


ALTWEGG, Rafaele (57). Cellist. He came from the Conservatorio St Cecilia, Rome where he was considered a child prodigy by Maestro Livio Boni. Concert diploma at 14. Studies at Beaumont were combined with lessons under Sir John Barbirolli. 1956 the Pablo Casals course in Zermatt under Prof Paul Grummer. Tonhalle orchestra and Quartet, Zurich Academy of Music and has performed around the world.  Teaches at both Zurich and Basle Academies.



ANDERSON Vass (48).  Actor. For over 40 years he worked in many notable productions in that time. Some of the films he has appeared in include ' Where Angels Fear to Tread ', 'Quartet' directed by Dustin Hoffman , 'Highway to Hell ( Eldorado ) ' with an all-star cast , 'Superman I and II ' and a film that has endured as one of the most popular movies of all time ' Star Wars - A New Hope” .  TV shows include: ' Tales of the Unexpected ' 1979 , ' Shine on Harvey Moon ' 1982 , ' The Professionals ' 1983 ' The Tripods ' 1984 , ' Casualty ' 1987 , ' Inspector Morse ' 1988 , ' Agatha Christie: Poirot ' 1989 , ' Father Ted ' 1996 , ' The Bill ' 1998 , ' A Touch of  Frost ' 2001 , ' New Tricks ' 2013 etc . RIP 2015.


BAGSHAWE, Joseph Ridgard (87). Artist, Studied RCA Kensington and Bruges. Founder of the Staithes Group. Marine painter in both oils and watercolours. Exhibited at the RA. Elected to RSBA. Works in the V&A. RIP 1909.




BATES, Ralph (58); actor born 1941, studied Trinity Dublin and Yale Drama School. Lead actor Hammer Horror Films 1970s. TV roles included Caligula, Poldark and Secret Army. Comedy as John in the sitcom “Dear John”. RIP 1991.


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BLACKWELL, Christopher (45). Son of Middleton (Social qv.)  Went on to Harrow. ADC to Governor of Jamaica. Founded Island Records. Responsible for the careers of many great recording artists of the modern era. 2001 Rock and Roll Hall of fame. In April 2009, the UK magazine Music Week named Blackwell the most influential figure in the last 50 years of the British music industry. He owns Goldeneye, Jamaica where Ian Fleming wrote the Bond Books.


BROKENSHAW, Frank Tregarthen (29) Artist known as “Brock”. Went to America and settled in Woodstock. Part of the “Woodstock Set”. Best known for his nudes. Married well known potter Louise. Exhibited leading galleries. Biography: “The Man and His Work” by Daniel Cusick. Work in both public and private collections. RIP 2004.





BURDEN, Hugh (32); born 1913 Ceylon, Actor studied at RADA (Gold Medal) WW2 Hampshire Regiment in India. Invalided out and made memorable War films. He appeared on TV, the West End Stage and was often heard on Radio. A fluent French speaker and accomplished pianist. RIP 1985.


CLARIN, Pierre-Eugene (08). Artist. Born Cambrai, to Ecole Des Beaux-Arts Paris. WW1 Lt 12th Cuirassiers and Air Force, numerous decorations. After the war studied under Serusier and was Gauguin’s last pupil. Distinguished artist and illustrator. WW2 Resistance leader in NW France. RIP 1980.


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DANBY, Nicholas (52). Organist. To Royal College of Music, leading Conservatoire Organist of the second half 20th century. RIP 1997 European Organ Scholarship Trust in his memory.




DARNBOROUGH, Anthony (31) son of William who “broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”. Captain British under 18 Golf Team. Gossip Columnist Daily Mail. WW2 RA W Desert and Greece MC. Notable British film director of the Fifties.


GREEN, Major Henry “Barty” (93). Son of the Hon Judge Green. To Sandhurst commd. Scottish Rifles. Boer War DSO for rescuing his school friend and brother officer Arthur Wood (93) son of the Field Marshal at Spion Cop. Left the Army for operatic roles (tenor) and music hall with Arthur Wood. A possible source of the song “Two Little Boys” 1902.  WW1 African campaign Wounded and MID. 1929 OBE designed the Nyasaland Leopard postage stamps. Artist, sculptor and concert tenor.




HALE MONROE, Robert (20), from a family of actors, went on the stage as Sonnie Hale. Acclaimed theatre and revue artist, film director and screen writer. Married to actresses Evelyn Laye and then Jessie Mathews. RIP 1959


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HAMMILL, Peter (66). Musician. To Manchester Univ. Singer song writer progressive rock band Van der Graf Generator. Hammill's voice is a very distinctive element of his music. He sings in an emotional, often even dramatic way. His lyrics are another distinctive feature of his work. He has visited a number of recurring themes including love and human relationships, ageing and death, human folly, self-awareness and introspection, politics, and religion. His lyrics often include scientific, literary or historical references. He has written opera: “The House of Usher”. He has produced over 30 albums.



HARAN, Tom (62). To Trinity Dublin and Central St Martin’s. One time co-editor “The Dublin Magazine”. Artist and portrait sculptor. Works are in both private and public collections.


HEWETT, Christopher (37).Actor. WW2 RAFVR, went on the stage. West End Debut 1943 then Broadway with Musicals of the day. Acted and directed both theatre and films. In later life found fame in Hollywood as “Mr Belvedere” in ABC Sitcom. RIP 2001.




HICKS, Stanley (90). Actor. Brother of the actor Sir Seymour Hicks. Followed him to the stage under the name of Stanley Brett. First appearance was a tour of Lord and Lady Algy in 1899. In 1902 he appeared with his brother and sister in law Ellaline Terriss in Bluebell in Fairyland and in Quality Street at the Vaudeville Theatre, London. In 1903 he appeared in The Cherry Girl, and in 1904 he played Higham Montague in The Catch of the Season. He then went on to succeed his brother in many other productions. In 1909 he appeared at the London Empire in the revue Come Inside. During 1910 music hall sketches. In 1911 he played Blind in Nightbirds. In 1912 he toured with The Gay Gordons and also played Gaston Bocard in The Glad Eye, as well as A Girl in Possession at the London Pavilion. In 1914 he toured with Fred Karno in Flats and Full Inside at the Coliseum. In 1915 he toured with Always Tell Your Wife. He married Comedy Actress Maie Ash 1909 but divorced 1913(Her misconduct). RIP 1923.



Peter Holman portrait



HOLMAN, Prof Peter Kenneth (65). Musician. To King's College, London with Thurston Dart, and founded the pioneering early music group Ars Nova while a student. He is now director of The Parley of Instruments and the choir Psalmody, musical director of Opera Restor'd and musical director of Leeds Baroque Orchestra. He has taught at many conservatories, universities in Britain, Europe and the USA, and is now Professor of Historical Musicololgy at Leeds University. He is a regular broadcaster on BBC Radio 3, and spends much of his time in writing and research. He is the author of the prize-winning book Four and Twenty Fiddlers: The Violin at the English Court 1540-1690 (Oxford, 1993), a much-praised study of Purcell's music (Oxford, 1994), and a book in the Cambridge Music Handbook series on Dowland's Lachrimae (Cambridge, 1999). MBE.






LAUGHTON, Charles (11). Actor. To Stonyhurst. WW1 with Huntingdon Cyclists Bn. Gassed. 1925 RADA then West End.  1931 New York debut. 1933 Film career - Oscar and two other nominations. 1950 US citizen. RIP 1962.




LEACH, Bernard (03).Potter. Born Hong Kong, to Slade School of Art. 1909-20 studied pottery in Japan. Set up workshop at St Ives Cornwall. Combined art, philosophy, design and craft. Recognised as “The Father of British Studio Pottery”. CH, CBE. RIP 1979.






MACLOUGHLIN, Shaun (54).PPE St Edmund’s Hall Oxford. Theatrical agent. Actor, playwright – winner Sony Comedy award 1988. Producer, director. Best known for work in the theatre and radio. Writer, author, poet and tutor.




MORE O’FERRALL, George (25) to Central School of Dramatic Art. West End for ten years 1936.Joined BBC foundational team as a producer and director. WW2 RA with 14th Army Burma. 1945 Senior BBC Producer. 1948 TV “Oscar” for Hamlet. 1952 freelance Cinema producer before returning to TV. !964 Baird Medal for outstanding contribution to Television. RIP 1988.



MOLYNEUX Edward (05). Couturier. Studied art in London and Paris. Protégé of Lady Duff Cooper. WW1 Capt Duke of Wellington’s Regiment MC. 1919 opened Fashion House Rue Royale, Paris. “The Captain” dressed Café society, the Stars and Royalty. Famed for his evening gowns – the master of suggestiveness, he inspired Balmain and Dior. One of the leading designers of all time he also painted (collected by the Duke of Windsor). He had an extensive collection of Impressionist paintings now in the National Gallery of Art. RIP 1974.





POSFORD, George (18). Musician. Graduating from Christ’s Cambridge, Posford planned a law career but the successful interpolation in an early 30s touring version of Lavender of a song he had written with Rodney Hobson prompted him towards a new career. After studying at the Royal College of Music, Posford composed many songs, often with librettist-lyricist Eric Maschwitz. For radio, they wrote Goodnight, Vienna, which then became a 1932 film, starring Anna Neagle and Jack Buchanan (US title: Magic Night), and a stage show. Posford and Maschwitz then wrote The Gay Hussar (1933), which, revised and with additional music by Bernard Grun, opened at London’s Adelphi Theatre as Balalaika (1936) where it ran for 570 performances. The hit song, hastily written by Posford and Maschwitz, was ‘At The Balalaika’. The 1939 film version starred Nelson Eddy and Ilona Massey. Maschwitz, Posford and Grun also composed Paprika.




POWNALL Gilbert (94). Artist. Son of architect and artist Frederick Pownall, Gilbert’s early work was the illustrations of manuscripts before moving to portraiture and figure painting in the pre-Raphaelite style. He was given the commission for the mosaics at Westminster Cathedral of which the Lady Chapel are the most admired, and were executed in the 1930s. The gold vault, symbolic of heaven, and depicting the story of our Lady, took five years to complete. For most of his lifetime he exhibited at the Royal Academy. RIP 1960.




REEVES, Kynaston (10). Actor. WW1 Lt Royal Fusiliers. 1931 stage career Appeared in over 80 films. Well known TV character actor as authority figures eg Generals, judges and school masters including Mr Quelch in the Billy Bunter series.  Married to Australian actress Paula Sabina.





RICHARDSON, Philip Samprey (91). Founded the Dancing Times and the Royal Academy of Dance (the Examination Board for Classical ballet) He was chairman of the British Dance Council from 1930 to 1958 and President from 1959 to 1963. He was chairman of the International Council of Ballroom Dancing, today’s World Dance Council, from its start in 1950, until his death in 1963. OBE and The Queen Elisabeth Award for outstanding contribution to ballet.



ROSE, Sir Francis Bart (19). Artist. Studied art in Europe with Picabia and Sert. 1929 costume designer with Serge Diaghilev.1930 joint exhibition with Salvador Dali. Patronage of Gertrude Stein, “a rose, is a rose, is a rose” WW 2 served with RAF. Post war continued to exhibit. Mercurial character with exotic background but with strain of self-destruction. Works held at Yale University Gallery and San Francisco Fine Arts. RIP 1979.


SHELLEY Patrick Leon (46). Artist. Descendant of Mary Shelley (Frankenstein). Studied Art in Paris. Settled in France. Bohemian painter, his works are described as sensual with often much use of colour. Considered an inspiration to students. Biography “Des Yeux pour Voir” by Jean Bothorel. Exhibited Paris and New York.


Raf De La Torre.jpg

de La TORRE, Raphael (23). Actor. Born in Paris, stage name Raf. Film and theatre actor best known in BBC drama. Succeeded Kynaston Reeves OB qv in the role of Mr Quelch in the “fifties” Billy Bunter TV Series.



VANIER, Bernard (37). Artist. Youngest son of the Canadian Governor General. Brother of George and Jean (Religious qv.)  To School of Political Science Paris. Then studied art influenced by both fauvist and modernist work. His paintings becoming more abstract with time. He lived and worked outside Paris.  He exhibited in both France and North America. Paintings in both private and public collections including the National Gallery of Canada. RIP 2010


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WOOLDRIDGE, Hugh (66). He is an English theatre director, theatre and television producer and writer, and designer. He is the son of British composer John Wooldridge (studied under Sibelius also WW2 Wing Cmdr, DSO, DFC & Bar, DFM) and actress Margaretta Scott. (The loveable Mrs Pumphrey in All Creatures Great & Small) He is the brother of actress Susan Wooldridge. Hugh ran his own multi-media company, The Jolly Good Production Company (JGPC), which produced plays and TV programmes, managed artistes and published books. During this time he was also responsible for music programmes and programming in the ITV network. He specialises in large productions, often at the Royal Albert Hall. He also teaches, gives master-classes and runs workshops.


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de YTURBE Francisco (91).The son of Filipe and grandson of the Mexican Finance Minister. He was brought up in Mexico and Paris. Known as Paco he inherited considerable wealth including several historic properties which included “The House of Tiles” in Mexico City. He had a considerable European art collection and built the Palladian Villa Fal at Biaritz. He is best known as the most important collector of the twentieth century in Mexico because he was the first to undertake collections of art from the Mexican School, "a movement that was rejected by society in general and critical of traditional art”.  Some 140 paintings known as the Iturbe Collection are in the possession of the Mexican National Institute of Fine Arts.










de AYALA, Edmund (13); born 1896, son of Louis of the Champagne house at the Chateau de Ay. WW1 with French 14th Hussars. Married granddaughter of Earl Howe. WW2 fought with Maquis, wounded. Croix de Guerre with Silver Star, Medaille Militaire.


BAUFINE-DUCROCQ, Bruno (56). Ecole Polytechnique, French civil servant Ministry of Equipment, Transport & Housing. Controller General of the French National Railways (SNCF). Officer of the Order of Merit.


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Calil, Ely (63). Son of Lebanese parents with business interests in Nigeria. Businessman mainly with Oil. Calil belongs to a small group of middlemen, a few dozen at most, who quietly grease the wheels of the global energy business, brokering transactions between oil companies and governments. He has funneled money to African dictators to obtain concessions for oil companies, traded oil from Russia following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and advised presidents and exiled political leaders.  Left a fortune by his father and one of the wealthiest men in the UK. Involved in a failed coup in Equatorial Guinea 2004. Married three times.






COVERDALE, Ralph (37) to Heythrop. WW2  Capt 60th Rifles. Post War introduced the Coverdale Method of training to British and then worldwide Industry. Considered by many as the most influential man in this field in the second half of the 20th century.


DARWOOD, Sir John William (90).He become established in The Far East, developing a huge timber empire in Burma.  In 1901, he also built The Strand hotel in Rangoon which was regarded as "the finest hostelry east of Suez and one of the most luxurious in the British Empire”. Kt 1939. RIP 1951.


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DAY, Joseph (75). Son of Sir John Day (Judge). Brother of Fr Henry (Religious qv.) He trained as an engineer at the Crystal Palace School of Engineering. He started his own company in Bath and in 1889 he invented the crankcase-compression two-stroke engine as it is widely known today. (Only two of these original engines have survived, one in the Deutsches Museum in Munich the other in the Science Museum in London). The development of his engine then passed to his licence holders in America, whose royalties allowed him to launch a new venture after WW1. This new enterprise was the exploration for oil in Norfolk which was a spectacular failure. RIP 1946.


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EDWARDS, Augustin (11). Son of Chilean Foreign Minister and Diplomat. Owned El Mercurio newspaper and President of Banco Edwards the oldest in Chile. One of his country’s outstanding entrepreneurs. Jaques Sibour’s best man.(Social qv).




FITZSIMON, Stephen (54), with wife Barbara Hulaniki founded BIBA the legendary clothing Boutique that epitomised the “Swinging Sixties”. RIP 1996.





GOOLEY, Michael (46). Left after St Johns. SAS captain in Malaya, Oman, Borneo and Yemen between 1958 and 1968.  1970 Founded Trailfinders the largest independently owned travel company in the United Kingdom and winner of many national awards. Gooley’s ethos which he says he learnt from St Johns “I was taught there the importance of honesty and that your word is your bond and these values I have applied to business”.


HARDMAN, John Tarleton (89). Stained glass artist and the last managing director of John Hardman & Co makers famed for their work in both glass and metalwork in many of the cathedrals, churches and public buildings in the 19th and early 20th centuries throughout the world. They worked in association with Pugin on the Houses of Parliament. John retired in 1935 and RIP 1959.


HARRINGTON, Rt Hon Sir Stanley KT PC (73). Born in Cork. Influential Irish businessman. Chairman and director of several companies President of the Munster & Leinster Bank. He took a prominent part in the Irish Industrial Revival. Justice of the Peace; Commissioner of National Education (Ireland); Senator National University of Ireland.  Kt 1909 and appointed to Irish Privy Council in 1919.



HEIDSIECK, Charles (75) son of “Champagne Charlie” he followed his father into the Champagne business and was succeeded by his own sons Charles Robert (07) and Jean (17).



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HENNESSY, Maurice (09). Son of James, Chairman of Hennessy Cognac and French Politician. Maurice’s brother Raymond (09) was KIA in WW1 (see Archive). Took over the firm from his father. WW2 pilot French Air Force despite only one eye. After fall of France decided to return to Cognac. Managed the company through the difficult years of Occupation and post war renaissance. Interest in racing as a successful owner and breeder President of UNIC representing the French equine industry.




HENSCHEL Charles Roland (01). Born New York. Joined the Knoedler Gallery owned by his Uncle Roland. In 1928 became a director and board member and eventually president of the most influential art dealers in America.  Charles made a fortune selling old masters to the wealthy. Considered one of the world’s experts in the field of fine art, he was also a clever negotiator even dealing with the Soviets leading up to WW2.  Controversially he was involved in the purchase of post War paintings looted by the Nazis post WW2 that were subject to litigation. RIP 1956.



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HORNE-PAYNE, Robert (85) son of a QC. Financier, set up British Empire Trust Company. Major backer for Canadian Expansion in the first quarter of the 20th century particularly the railways. Hornepayne and Brent in Ontario are both named for him. The latter from Brentwood his home in England.



KNILL, Sir John (72) son of 1st Baronet, to Feldkirch, entered family firm of Wharfingers. Master of the Goldsmiths, Alderman City of London 1897, Sheriff 1903, Lord Mayor of London 1909-10. President SVP, Italian, Japanese, Belgian and Portuguese honours The Knills claimed descent from King Arthur. RIP 1934.


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KNOX-LEET, Desmond (40) born Cannes half- brother of Thomas Kenny (Military qv.) WW2 RN at Bletchley Park on decryption. After War Artist in France. 1968 started Diptyque in Paris and became the perfumer of the boutique famed for its candles and scents.




MACKAY, Clarence (92) born New York son of John Mackay American Industrialist. He was given Harbor Hill one of the most opulent mansions ever built as a wedding present following his marriage to debutante Katherine Duer. They divorced in 1914 and following her death he married the soprano Anna Case. He gave her the emerald (167.97 carats) necklace that bears his name. One of the wealthiest men in the USA, Financed Antarctic Expedition – Mackay Mountains named in his honour as is a trophy for “the most Meritorious Flight of the Year” by the US Airforce.  Director of the Metropolitan Opera, 1902 Amateur US Racquets Champion. Polo player. Daughter Ellin married Irving Berlin. RIP 1938.



NICOLS PIGACHE, Daniel (00), Son of George and grandson of Daniel Nicols founder of The Café Royal. The Cafe Royal made its name by serving the best food and wine ever seen in London. Apart from being Capt & Adjutant of the Public Schools Bn of the Royal fusiliers in WW1, Daniel worked in the family business and was Managing Director Café Royal 1919 to 1929. Few institutions can boast a history as rich as this one. Such a louche and libidinous past, with so many stories playing out as some of the greatest figures of modern times drank and dined – scandal, intrigue and ruin just a breath away. And rarely has a place been so studied, conceptualised, remodelled, and restored, as the magnificent Café Royal. In 1929 the Café went bankrupt with debts to the Bank of England and the Pigache family connection ended as dramatically as did many of its clientele.



Personal Image



OLAND, Commodore Bruce Sidney Culverwell (36). Canadian. WW2 RCA then transferred to Navy. The Country’s most senior naval Reserve Officer. Hon ADC to Governor General, Hon Colonel 1st Canadian R A. Kt of Malta and St John of Jerusalem. Hon degree at Univ. of King’s College and St Mary’s Univ. Hon Consul for Japan. Chairman various Companies. President of Oland Breweries. Philanthropist. Donated Racing Schooner “Bluenose 11” to the nation. Order of Canada. RIP 2009.


PIGACHE Daniel George (00). The son of George Pigache owner of the Café Royale. Daniel played his own part in the history of the restaurant. Initially while he learned the trade, his grandmother continued as Manager until the First War. In this period he managed to get married twice, firstly in 1907 which ended in divorce and then again in 1914. Daniel Joined up in the Public Schools Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers serving as their Captain and Adjutant and was MID. Returning to London he changed his name to Nicols-Pigache and became the Café Royale’s Managing Director and owner. Once more the Café Royale was the place to be seen to wine and dine but Daniel decided that the place needed a refurbishment and a make-over an estimated cost of half a million pounds. He borrowed half of this sum from the Bank of England and unfortunately there was a huge overspend and in 1927 when the Bank could not be repaid both The Café and Daniel were declared bankrupt. This also coincided with his second divorce: a most costly affair. This brought to an end the Nicols and Pigache family connection with the Café although Daniel was to later write a book “Café Royal Days”. In 1946 he yet again changed his surname to just Nicols.


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SERGEANT, Sir Patrick (40). WW2 Lt RNVR. Financial Journalist. Joined Daily Mail, City Editor 1960-84. Chairman and then President of Euromoney.




de SPOELBERCH, Viscomte Werner (15). Born into the family dynasty. He represented Belgium as a downhill skier at the winter Olympics. As Head of the Business he merged the Stella Artois company with Piedboeuf Brewery, owned by the Van Damme family, to form Interbrew in 1987. Later Interbrew merged with Brazilian brewery AmBev to form InBev in. He was considered to be Belgium’s wealthiest individual.



WOODLOCK Thomas (83) born Dublin 1892 went to New York.  Co-owner Dow Jones & Co and The Wall Street Journal. Editor. Stock Broker both sides of the Atlantic. 1925 appointed by President Coolidge to the Federal Institute Commerce Commission. One of the most important Financial “Gurus” of the early 20th century. RIP 1945.








ANDREEVICH, HH Prince Michael (38) born Versailles, son of Prince Andrei of Russia. He was a Great Grandson of Tsar Alexander III.  Great Nephew of Tsar Nicholas II. Lived his youth at Frogmore with his grandmother the Dowager Empress. WW2 RN with Fleet Air Arm. Settled in Sydney Australia as an aviation engineer. Grand Prior of the Orhodox Knights of St John of Jerusalem. Vice President of the Romanov Society Association. Married three times RIP 2008.



d’ASSECA, Visconde Antonio Maria (63).  Son of 7th Visconde whom he succeeded. To Louvain Univ. Member of the Portuguese Royal Household, he was appointed Adviser to the Crown Prince Luis Filipe.  RIP 1910



de BESTIGUI y de YTURBE, Charles (08). He was an eccentric Spanish-French multi-millionaire art collector and interior decorator who was one of the most flamboyant characters of mid-20th-century European life. His ball at the Palazzo Labia in Venice in 1951 is still described as "the party of the century". He was often referred to as "The Count of Monte Cristo". He did occasionally undertake commissions for others - salons in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid, a suite of rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York, and the library at the British Embassy in Paris (with the designers but he used his artistic talents almost entirely for his own pleasure. Cecil Beaton wrote in his diary: "Beistegui is utterly ruthless. Such qualities as sympathy, pity or even gratitude are sadly lacking. He has become the most self-engrossed and pleasure-seeking person I have met."





De TALLYRAND-PERIGORD, S.H. Helie, Duc de Sagan (73) 5th Duke of Talleyrand and Dino, Prince, then Duke of Sagan, was a French socialite. He was born on August 23, 1859 to Boson de Talleyrand-Périgord, the 4th Duke of Talleyrand (1832-1910) and Jeanne Seillière (1839-1905), the heiress to Baron de Seilliere, army supply contractor who had enriched himself during the Franco-Prussian War. His paternal grandparents were Napoléon Louis, III. Duc de Talleyrand-Périgord and Anne Louise Charlotte Alix de Montmorency. In 1912, he was confirmed as the 5th Duke of Dino by the Umberto II, the King of Italy. In 1908, he married Countess Anna de Castellane. Anna was the daughter of Jay Gould, American railroad developer who has been referred to as one of the ruthless robber barons of the Gilded Age. RIP 1937.

BLACKWELL, Middleton (31); to Jamaica, interests in racing and sailing. WW2 Captain Irish Guards. Married Blanche Lindo who was later mistress and muse of Ian Fleming and the inspiration for the first Bond Girls.



de BORBON, HH Prince Fernando (04); son of the Duke of Durcal, married Maria Bosch-Labros y Blat. His mistress was Pastora Rojaz Monge  known as Pastora Imperio famed Andalusian flamenco dancer. RIP 1944.



de BORBON, HH Jaime Duke of Madrid (86); son of Carlos VII of Spain Carlist claimant to the throne and Legitimist pretender to that of France. To Military Academy Weiner Neustadt. Entered Tsarist Army, Lt Col Grodno Hussars, Russo-Japanese War. WW1 house arrest at his home in Austria. Succeeded his father, He never married and had no issue. RI P 1931.



de  BORBON, Prince Jean (13); a pretender to the Throne of France through Charles X. Married Beatrice de Galard Brassac Bearn daughter of the Prince of Bearn. Wealthy fascist with interests in France and N Africa. Arms trafficker. Under surveillance by MI6 during WW2. He spent part of his life in Rio de Janeiro. RIP 1968.



de  BORBON-PARME, HH Prince Sixtus-Henri (55); son of Pr. Xavier Duke of Palma. Further studies in Madrid. Served in the Spanish Foreign Legion. 1980 became Carlist Regent of Spain. Supporter of the Society of St Pius X and the National Front in France. Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion of the Order of Malta.



Coat of Arms of the Garter King of Arms.svg



BURKE, Sir Henry Farnham (71); son of Sir Bernard Burke Ulster King of Arms. He also became Herald earning gradual promotion from Rouge Croix Pursuivant, Somerset Herald, Norroy King of Arms to his appointment as Garter Principle King of Arms in 1919. He was also editor of Burke’s Peerage and was honoured with a KCVO. He died in office 1930.



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De HOGHTON, Sir Henry Anthony Bt (35). Son of 12 Bt, to Magdalen Oxford. Inherited Hoghton Towers but spent most of his years in London. “Outsize personality of his time. Known for his love of the best wine, young men and Caribbean cruises. He reeked of decadence, published poetry some of which was blasphemous “God was in the garage cranking up the Bentley……”. Eccentric and notorious for his louche existence, he ended his life derelict and destitute, a grizzled tramp in Sloane Square. RIP 1978.






DRUMMOND-MURRAY of Mastrik, Peter (47). Descended from the Kings of Navarre, Spanish nobles and English Dukes. He held the Heraldic Appointment of Slains Pursuivant of Arms. He was also Bailiff Grand Cross of the Sovereign Order of Malta and Knight of Justice of The Most Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem thus holding uniquely senior rank in both Catholic and Anglican Orders of Chivalry.



de FAUCIGNY-LUCIGNY, Prince Jean-Louis (13). Legendary party giver and socialite. Art Collector, Patron of Salvador Dali. Knight of Malta. President du Circle Interallie. Friend and escort to the Queen Mother on her visits to Europe. RIP 1992


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FALCO y ESCANDON, Manuel Duke of Montellano (09). Liberal democratic MP. 1928 succeeded The Duke of Alba qv as member of the International Olympic Committee. Succeeded his father to the dukedom 1931. The Count of Barcelona’s closest friend and supporter as King of Spain. The future King Juan Carlos was educated with Manuel’s sons.






zu LOWENSTEIN, Prince Rupert. Born 1933 descendent of the Elector Palatine Freidrich1, Merchant banker known as “Rupy the Groupie” for the financial backing of The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd. Grand Inquisitor of the Constantinian. Military Order of St George and British President of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta.




de MAILLY NESLE, Guy Prince of Orange (55). He has worked in both London and Paris as a Director of various financial services companies. Together with the Heir to the Dutch Throne, The head of the house of Hohenzollern (German Emperor), he holds the title of Prince of Orange gifted to his family by Louis XIV in 1673.



MALDONADO, Ferdinand Marques de la Scala (96). Spanish nobleman, Lord in Waiting to the King. Author on African Safari 1907-8. Family suffered tragedy: his brother Andrew (04) was killed in a driving accident 1909. Ferdinand drowned saving his daughter in the R. Tormes July 1936. His son and heir was KIA in the Civil War 1939.





d’OLIVAREZ, Julien Conde d’Artaza (82). Spanish nobleman, Butler to King Alfonso XIII, Senator Cortez, Governor of San Sabastian. International gamble at the casinos. In his époque considered the best game bird shot in Spain.


Image result for infante alfonso de orleans images



d’ORLEANS Y BORBON, HRH Alfonzo Infante of Spain (04) cousin of Alfonso XIII to Heidelberg. Military Academy Toledo. Aviator. Succeeded father as Duke of Galliera 1931 Chief of Staff of the Airforce. Civil War POW escaped. 1937 Head of the Nationalist Airforce, promoted to General. Married Princess Beatrice of Saxe-Coberg & Gotha granddaughter of Queen Victoria. RIP 1975.





d’ORLEANS Y BORBON, Luis Fernando Infante of Spain (04) brother of Alfonso to Heidelberg. Led a notorious life as a homosexual and was involved in drugs and cross dressing. Married, Died in Paris 1945.




ROSPIGLIOSI, Prince Jerome (22). Italian nobleman. Son of 8th Prince, Pr. di Castiglione, Duca di Zagarolo. Their status in Italy stems from the Rospigliosi 17th Cent. Pope Clement 1X. Jerome’s birth was controversial: recognized by the State but not by the Church as his American mother was a divorcee. Succeeded to the titles, he spent his life as a playboy in the USA associated with the “rich and rarefied” including Eleanor Close Hutton, heiress, socialite and debutante – they gave inspiration for the Film “Palm Beach Story”. He eloped in 1931 with 19 year old Marian Snowden daughter of an Oil Baron. Divorced 1936, remarried 1946 with Jenny Elizabeth Angell. RIP 1959. His nephew Prince Guardino was at Beaumont (51-56).



de SIBOUR, Count Jacques (13). Comte. WW1 Commd 3 DG transfer to Air Corps. Wdd. Post War married Violette Selfridge and together flew round the world and held various Air Flight Records. Spanish Civil War flew rescue missions for foreign Nationals. WW2 RAF Int. then flew for US OSS behind Jap Lines. Held French, British and US Commissions. RIP 1965.






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ANDERSON, William Ellery (35). Commiss. Worcestershire Regiment 1940.Parachute Regiment in North Africa MC, Sicily, Italy and Holland. WIA 1943 Sicily. S.A.S. 1944-45.War Crimes Commission, Germany 1947.Royal Ulster Rifles 1948-54 (Major). Only man to lead ops behind enemy lines in Korea 1950-51 awarded M.C. M.B.E. + French and American awards. Retired 1954, Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey Expedition 1954-56. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Governor of Durham Prison.



d’ARCANGUES, Michel (30); son of the Marquis d’Arcangues born 1919 .WW2 organised escape routes in the Pyrenees-Atlantiques region of France, then with Free French 12th Cuirassiers. Basque Nationalist, died at sea off San Sebastian 1946 in mysterious circumstances.




BLOUNT, Lt Cmdr. Sir Walter RNVR (36). Son of Sir Edward 11th Bart. Known as Jasper. To Sidney Sussex, Cambridge for law. WW2 1939 to Scapa Flow then training for Coastal training 1941 DSC for daring  air sea rescue on the French Coast under German defences. 1944, Adriatic, MTB 634 (known as the Pirates of Penzance) special ops in support of Tito and the partisans. 2nd DSC for attack on two convoys and their escorts described as “the finest coastal action of the War”. 3rd DSC for another action off the Iberian Coast. After the war Solicitor, Landowner and farmer.


de BOISSERE, LT-Col. William Henry (89). Trinidadian. French Mulatto, He joined the immigration department as Assistant Inspector and later became Protector of Immigrants in 1913. He was fluent in Hindi and spent some years as the Trinidad government's agent in India. Additionally, he served on the Legislative Council. During WWI as a Lt Colonel, he was the most senior British West Indian officer serving in Europe.

BOWRING, Major General John Humphrey (20), To Downside, Royal Military Academy Woolwich and Trinity College, Cambridge; commissioned into the RE. WW2 Middle East and India and Burma. Post War Brig and Chief Engineer, Far East. Engineer-in-Chief, 1965-1968; Col, Gurkha Engineers, 1966-1971; Col Commandant Royal Engineers, 1968-1973. C B, OBE, MC High Sheriff Wiltshire 1984.





BREEN, Air Marshal John Joseph (06). Son of Inspector-General T.J. Breen, R.N., Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals and Fleets. To  Trinity College, Dublin; RMC Sandhurst, Royal Irish Regiment 1915; seconded R.F.C., 1915; transferred to R.A.F., 1919; served European War, 1914-18, France and Italy, 1915-18 (despatches twice); R.A.F. Staff College 1925; commanded 84 squadron, Iraq, 1926-28, 33 squadron 1929-30; Imperial Defence College, 1931; Wessex Bombing Area, 1932-35; Sudan, 1935-38; War of 1939-45, A.O.C. No. 1 Bomber Group, 1940; Air Ministry Dir. Gen of Personnel, 1941-44; Head of Post War Planning exec., 1944-45; retired list 1946. CB, OBE. RIP 1964.


BRUCE Brigadier Ian Crauford (06).  To Sandhurst, commissioned Cameron Highlanders. WW1 he was mentioned in despatches twice and awarded the Officer, Order of Leopold of Belgium with palm. He was also awarded the Haile Selassie Military Medal of Ethiopia with palm and the Croix de Guerre Belgian, with Palm. MBE in 1918. WW2 he commanded 1st Bn Gold Coast Regiment and then an Infantry Brigade in Somaliland for which he received the DSO in 1941. He wrote a biography of his ancestor Lady Hestor Stanhope The Nun of Lebanon.  RIP 1956


BUTTERS, Harry (07); from San Francisco. Inherited a fortune from his father. WW1 first American to join the BEF. KIA on the Somme Aug 1916. Obituary written by Winston Churchill. Sword made into crucifix for the Lady Chapel.


CANTOPHER, Lt -Colonel John (34), to St John’s Cambridge for Economics. WW2 with London Irish Rifles. GM for removing a time bomb from a German JU-88 following the Battle of Graveney Marsh – the last armed fight between British Forces and enemy troops on English soil. Lt-Colonel OBE.



de CASA MAURY, Pedro Marquis de Casa Maury (13). Usually known as Bobby. Grand Prix motor racing driver. MD of Bentley cars. Founder of the Curzon Cinemas. Married Freda Dudley Ward one time mistress of Edward VIII. WW2 Wing Commander RAF. Appointed by his friend Mountbatten as Head of Combined Operations Intelligence.  1942 Success with the Bruneval Attack and the St Nazaire Raid (The greatest raid of all time) but he resigned following the failure at Dieppe. RIP 1968.



CAVROIS, Georges (06), born Dunkirk, studied law in Lille and Paris. WW1 Sgt French Infantry. Medaille Militaire, Legion d’Honneur. Member Conseil Général. The Dunkirk Allied War Memorial is situated on the Esplanade Georges Cavrois.


CLINTON, Michael (36) to London School of Economics. WW2  Major Royal Engineers bomb disposal. One of only two to be awarded GM and Bar. Post War Hon Michael Clinton Member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council.




COSTELLO, Brigadier Edmund ((84) to Indian Army Lt 22nd Punjabis. Awarded VC at Malakand N W Frontier. Staff College Quetta. WW2 Brig General Mesopotamia, Relief of Kut, DSO, CMG. Led the Indian Army on the London Victory Parade. 1923 Director of Military Studies at Cambridge. RIP 1949


de CROY, S.H Prince Reginald  (90) To Louvain University, diplomat. WW1 leading Resistance leader on the Western Front. Nurse Edith Cavell was one of his operatives. Created Serene Highness in recognition of his work. Later Ambassador to Sweden and the Holy See. RIP 1961



Van CUTSEM Brigadier William (08) born Calcutta, to Heidelberg then Woolwich, Royal Engineers, WW1 MC, Croix de Guerre. WW2 Brigadier Military Intelligence helped set up SOE, Cabinet Office and Head of the Political Intelligence Department. Brigadier.




DALGLISH, Rear Admiral Robin (93) born NSW Australia, to Osborne for RN. WW1 Jutland, first Australian to reach Admiral’s rank, Commodore Atlantic Destroyer Flotilla 1928, commanded the Australian Squadron, CB. Fencing Olympian at the 1920 and ’24 games. Mother donated Chapel windows at St John’s.





DICKENS, Vice Admiral Sir Gerald (93) son of Sir Henry and GS of the author. To Stubbington for RN. Captain Battleship HMS Repulse, Commander Reserve Fleet 1935-7. Director Naval Intelligence, Vice Admiral. Naval Attaché at The Hague 1940. KCVO, CB, CMG. RIP 1962.






EUGSTER, General Sir Basil (33) to Christ Church Oxford , commd Irish Guards, Palestine MC. WW2 Narvik Bar to MC, CO 3rd Bn in France DSO. Later Commander Household Brigade and London District, Hong Kong, C in C UK Land Forces. First Catholic Colonel of the Irish Guards. General KCB, KCVO, CBE. RIP 1984.



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FALCO y ALVAREZ de TOLEDO, Joseph, Count of Elda (11). Right wing aristocrat son of the Duque de Fernan Nunez. Civil War 1936 responsible for the execution of 15 influential republicans at Leon. President of Spain’s oldest savings Bank: Caja de Madrid 1939 -75.



FANSHAWE, Major General Sir Evelyn (07) son of Lt Gen Sir Hew Dalrymple Fanshawe and GS of FM Sir Evelyn Wood. Commd. Queens Bays, WW1 France, Middle East and Russia. 1939 Commander 20th Armoured Brigade and then RAC Training Establishment. Major General. 1945 Director International Refugee Organisation Germany, 1952 Dominion Countries UN Organisation Mission. Fine horseman and polo player. RIP 1979.



FARMER, Major John (35) from schools in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium. To Bank of England All round athlete, actor, ballet dancer and musician. WW2 commd. RA. SOE in France with Nancy Wake. Post War, MI6 operative Middle East, Rome and Paris. Spoke several languages, Operative for Control Risk, Broadcaster on French Radio. RIP 2012.


FOSTER, Lt Derrick James (39). To Dartmouth. He served throughout the war on destroyers escorting the Artic Convoys to Russia. Post War Submarines. 1st Lt and second in command of HMS Affray that was lost on special trials near the Channel Isles (Hurd’s Deep) with the loss of 24 officers and 51 ratings 16 April 1951; the worst Naval loss of life since WW2. 2013 Foster’s Widow unveiled the HMS Affray Memorial at Gosport.




FULLER, Cuthbert (92) to Woolwich, Commissioned RE, WW1 Boer War, WW1 Gallipoli & France. Post War Brigade commander. Commander Eastern Command 1929-31 Major General CMG, DSO, Married the Princess Sophia Shahofsky 1912.



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GEE, Howard Valentine (31). To Brasenose Oxford. British civilian volunteer served with British contingent of Finnish Army during Russo-Finnish War in Finland, Multiple linguist. 1940; Captured by Gestapo in Norway. POW in Stalag VII A, Moosburg, Laufen, Wurzburg, Tost and Oflag IV C, Escapee, sent to Colditz, one of only two civilians. After the War, Hauptman Eggers, the head of Security, asked him to translate his memoires of Colditz.





de GENNES, Count Andre (06). To St Cyr. Commis. 7th Chasseurs. WW1 Battles of the Marne, Yser and Champagne. 1915 Flying training. SPA 57, March 1916 shoots down future Reichmarshal Herman Goering. In May selected for first experimental rocket attack on observation balloons at Douamont. July forced landing- POW. Various escape attempts. Remembered for his daredevil flying and acrobatics. (Flew between the spires of Cologne Cathedral to mark the Victory) Croix de Guerre, Legion d’Honneur. WW2 Commander Hunting Group 25 till fall of France. Invited to dine by Goering on a visit to Paris: Refusedl.  RIP 1975.




GORDON, Major General Joseph (73) of Wardhouse and Kildrummy. Commd RA to Australia as actor, journalist and policeman.  Commd Australian Forces. Designed the Forces Rising Sun cap badge. Officer Commanding Dominion Forces Boer War. Chief of Staff Australian Forces. WW1 Reserve Army Commander. Author “Chronicles of a Gay Gordon”.

HARTER, Major General James (02). Commissioned Royal Fusiliers. WW1 Wounded, MID x 5, Invalided at Gallipoli, DSO & MC, and Croix de Guerre. WW2 Governor of Portsmouth, Commander Midland District. Colonel of the Royal Fusiliers 1947 – 54.




HAY, Malcolm (97) of Seaton, commd Gordon Highlanders WW1 wounded at the Marne. Military Intelligence – Head of MI 1b signals and code breaking. Author on Catholic and Scottish History. WW2 fund raiser for POWs then took up cause of the Jewish People and wrote important works on the subject. The Hay Memorial Lectures at Aberdeen University are given yearly to promote greater understanding of their culture.


Carlos Joseph Hickie, by Bassano Ltd, 6 October 1916 - NPG x154701 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

HICKIE Brigadier General Carlos(OB 88). He was born in 1873 the second son of Colonel Hickie of Sleyre. He was first commissioned into the Gloucesters and joined the 1st Bn. who had just been sent to South Africa. Fortunately, he was not with that part of the Bn that had a disastrous action at Nicholson’s Nek 30 Oct 1899. The remainder including the newly arrived 2nd Lt Hickie were at Ladysmith which came under siege on the 2Nov 1899. He had to survive with polluted water from the Klip River and chervil; this was a paste made from equine carcases and akin to Bovril. After 118 days, General Buller broke through the Boer positions and the Ladysmith force was saved the ignominy of surrender. With His Regiment decimated and sent to Ceylon, Carlos transferred to the KOYLI. Within a fortnight of the siege being raised, he was at Driefontein with a battalion of his new regiment and this time the British not only fought well but won, putting the Boers to flight.  At the end of the battle, Carlos was a casualty but lying in his tent rather than a hospital bed. A Mauser bullet had passed through his left boot grazing his foot and then ricocheted through a tin of cocoa in his haversack and then lodged inside another where he discovered it. Carlos “Cocoa” Hickie was wounded again before the conflict ended.  In WW1, he commanded a Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers before being given command of a Brigade in 1916. Brigadier General Hickie CMG retired 1922 and died in 1959.


HOARE, Lt Colonel Robert Rawdon (13). Nephew of Samuel Hoare Viscount Templewood. WW1 Capt RFA, at 20 the war’s youngest major. MC.  Secretary of The Economic League. WW2 Commanded K Battery. 1940 made a stand at Hondegham holding up the German advance on Dunkirk. The Battery was renamed Hondeghem in honour of their achievement. He was awarded the DSO and then Commanded 5th RHA. Post War resumed his role in the secretive Economic League and its political advocacy.

HORAN, Rear Admiral Henry (04). To RN. WW1 commanded MTB 29 then the destroyers HMS Archer and then Wessex. 1937 Captain Battleship HMS Barham. !938 appointed Chief of Staff and Commander New Zealand Division. 1941 Combined Operations and finally Commander Western Approaches and Rossyth. CMG. Admiralty report: "being Irish, [Horan] has most of the traits usually attributed to that race."



JOYCE, Pierce Charles of Mervue (96). Connaught Rangers, Boer War Wounded. WW1 Lt Colonel advisor to Feisal Commander of the Arab Army. CO of Lawrence of Arabia. Commanded the first long range desert Group. 1921 Senior Military advisor to King Feisal in Iraq.



KENNY, Tom (27).Canadian, nephew of Theodore Roosevelt, half-brother of Desmond Knox-Leet (Business qv.) Studied architecture in Belgium. WW1 he was in Marseille at the outbreak and was part of the group that set up the “Pat O’Leary” escape line. Tom also provided technical drawings of German airfields and port installations also the finance. Arrested, released through influence of US President. Joined Maquis but was forced eventually to escape over the Pyrenees. Joined RAF Intelligence.



MACDONOGH, Lt-General Sir George (81) to Woolwich RE, Head of Military Intelligence 1910, helped set up MI 5 & 6. WW1 Director Military Intelligence, produced Defence of the Realm Act. Lt General. 1919 Adjutant General responsible for demobilisation. The King’s representative to bring home the body of the Unknown Soldier. Chairman War Graves Commission. President of the Confederation of British industry. Chairman of the Palestine Mandate Society.




McELHAW, Sqn Ldr Timothy (44). To Cranwell and Trinity Cambridge. During the 1948 Arab-Israeli War flying a spitfire he shot done 2 Egyptian fighters becoming the last RAF pilot to achieve a victory in aerial combat. He himself was later shot down on unarmed aerial recce by two ex RAF Canadian mercenaries flying for the Israelis and taken POW.




McNaught Eustace Arthur (40). To New College Oxford.  WW2 Capt. Airborne Artillery. Algiers, Wdd. Sicily. Arnhem. Transferred to SAS then Intelligence. Diplomatic Corps. Named by Russian spy Kim Philby as the MI6 espionage co-ordinator in the Middle East.




MARRIOTT, Captain John RN (91). To RN, various ship appointments and staff of Osborne up until WW1. HMS Charybdis at Gallipoli. Assistant to First Sea Lord Rosslyn Wemyss. Nov 11 1918 represented Britain together with Wemyss at the signing of the Armistice at Compiegne. CMG, Legion d’Honneur, Crown of Italy, Order Rising Son, Order of the Nile.


MARTIN, Major General Kevin John (07). To Woolwich. Commis RE. WW1 DSO, Legion d’Honnour, Croix de Guerre, Ordre de la Couronne, MIDx5. BLO to Marechal Foch. Post War MA Paris and Warsaw. WW2 Major General Eastern Command. Only son John (OB) KIA.



MATHEW, Lt General George Montague (90). Commissioned Royal Marine Artillery. WW1 comd. Howitzer Brigade France. Col Commandant at Chatham and Deal. 1933 ADC to King George VI. Retired 1936 CB.



MAUNSELL, Brigadier Raymund (20). Sandhurst, commissioned RTR. WW2 Chief of Security Intelligence Middle East. He broke the Kondor Spy Mission.  Brigadier CBE. Post War Head of Special Sections Sub-Division responsible for rescuing German intellect for the West and preventing their technology falling into Soviet hands.



MUIRHEAD, Alexander (38). To Sidney Sussex Camb. Then St Thomas’s. WW2 Worcestershire Regiment seconded SAS.  Mortar specialist for Special Raiding Squadron Sicily, Italy France and Germany. His troop first discovered Belsen Concentration Camp. MC MID. Senior Medical officer to the BBC. RIP 1999.



Image result for Brigadier philip stafford myburgh



MYBURGH, Brig, Philip Stafford (10). To Woolwich. RA, WW1 MC, Croix de Guerre, wounded x 4, DSO. Wife deserted him for 4th Baron Derwent. WW2 Brigadier, commanding Artillery in Western Desert and Burma. Bar to DSO and CBE.



OLIPHANT, Capt Henry Gerard of Condie RN (91). To Britannia. First Command 1908 Destroyer HMS Banshee. 1909 CM for stranding his ship but promoted to Lt Commander the same year. 1911 HMS Amazon 1914 Commander Dover Patrol MID. 1916 DSO for action off Belgian coast. Oct 26/27 The Battle of Dover Strait, Oliphant in command of the Destroyer Flotilla in what has been described as the most shambolic defeat for the Navy in WW1. However, his Admiral described him as a"dashing officer spent 793 nights on bridge of ship during war." WW2 Captain of Minelayers Portsmouth. MVO, DSO.





O’NEIL, Kevin (35). Classics Scholar Wadham Oxford. WW2 Capt. Royal Fusiliers. Bletchely Park code breaker worked on “Testery”. 1945 Intelligence team to Washington. Recruited by the Canadians to join their Communications Security Establishment. Director 1971 – 1980. Order of Canada.


PEDLEY Brigadier General Stanhope Humphrey (83). Grandson of John Gully MP, prize-fighter racehorse owner (Derby x 3) and politician. Sandhurst then Royal West Kent Regiment and served NW Frontier India and South Africa. WW1 Mesopotamia CB for attack on Nasariyah. CO Durham LI France 1916. Brigadier 1917 Brigade Commander JP and DL Worcestershire. RIP 1938.



PLOWDEN, Rear Admiral Richard Aston (93). Entered RN, Appointed Battleship Ramillies 1902, Anti-slaving work Red Sea. He captured a slaving Dhow renamed HMS Irresponsible. Commanded 6 destroyers from 1907 onwards WW1 Battle of Jutland Commanded HMS Hardy 4th Destroyer Flotilla. Captain 1921 Commanded Battleship Centurion 1931. Rear Admiral 1933. Retired. WW2 re-joined as a convoy commander. Richard Plowden died in action at age 59 on 24 February, 1941 when his steam merchant Sirikishna of the dispersed convoy OB-288 was torpedoed by U-96 (the submarine upon which Das Boot was loosely based) and lost in the North Atlantic. DSO.


POETT Major General Joseph Howard (73). Son of Joseph Poett of San Mateo California. Commissioned 39th Foot, Staff College, Commanded 1st Bn Dorset Regt. Served in the Afghan War 1880, Bechuanaland 84-85 Boer War and awarded CB. WW1 Commanded 55th Brigade then Staff responsible for the withdrawal at Gallipoli CMG and CBE. Also served Salonika and France. RIP 1929.



POPE-HENNESSY, Major General Ladislaus (92). Son of Sir John Pope--Hennessy MP. Oxford L.I. Participated in combat in Africa before World War I. During the latter he served in France, Iraq and India. Commander of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division and area from 1931-35. Military Inter-Allied Commissioner of Control in Berlin.  Military Attaché at Washington. He published a number of books and articles on military matters and predicted the technique of the German Blitzkrieg. CB, DSO.,0,160x154/



RAFFERTY, Brian Dominic. (37). To Christ Church Oxford. WW2 Capt. Royal Berkshires. SOE, 1942 to France OC Headmaster Group, codename Dominique organised resistance in the Massif Central. Arrested Dec ’42. Tortured, gave nothing away. Sent to Flossenburg. March 29 1945 executed (hanging). Postumous MC and Croix de Guerre.

ROSS Brigadier Harry (86). Son of Colonel W Ross  to Sandhurst (Capt. of Cricket)  commissioned Somerset Light Infantry  but then transferred to the Indian Army. He fought on the N W frontier 1897, and then commanded Levies in the Smaliland campaign 1903. WW1 he commanded 103 Mhratta Light Infantry MID x2 and the DSO serving in Mesopotamia. In 1919 Afghanistan and Wazaristan 1920. Promoted Brigadier, CIE  and then CB. While in India he played Cricket for the President’s XI.

SEGRAVE, Brigadier General William (93). Commd HLI. DSO at Kandia Crete 1898,  DSO NW Frontier India, WW1, DSO MID x7, Brigadier Comd 152 Inf Brigade 51st Highland Division. Exceptional to be awarded 3 x DSO.


Gerge Medal



SHEPPARD, James (41) to Barts for medicine. Joined RN as a surgeon. 1951 awarded GM for act of great Bravery treating casualties when the naval Auxiliary Bedenham blew up in Gibraltar Harbour. “He helped to pull out of the water a badly burned man and took him to an ambulance. After the second explosion he immediately began to administer first aid to the seriously injured on the wharf. His total disregard for his own safety and his determination to do all within his power to seek out casualties and relieve pain are worthy of the highest praise”






STEVENS, Col. Harold Raphael Gaetano (00) To Woolwich. RA. WW1 France and Salonika. DSO Croix de Guerre. Black Sea Army 1920-23. Mil Attaché Rome. WW2 BBC Radio Londra transmitting to Italy as the famous « Colonello Buonosera”. His name found daubed on buildings during the liberation. CMG, DSO. RIP 1961.




STRUTT, Lt-Colonel Edward (91) g s Lord Belper to Innsbruck and Christ Church Oxford. Boer War with Royal Scots  WW1, Lt-Colonel, DSO, wdd MID. 1919 special solo mission to rescue the Hapsburgs from Austria. CBE. 1920 High Commissioner for Dansig. 1921 Failed Hungarian restoration bid. 1922 Climb leader of the first Everest Expedition. President of the Alpine Club.  RIP 1948.






TAYLOR, Squadron Leader John (36). One of the RAF’s leading air aces of WW 2 with 15 kills and 11 damaged aircraft to his credit. John was the leading ace in the North Africa campaign but was killed commanding 601 Squadron “The Millionaires” over Tunis in July 1943. He was awarded the DFC & Bar.



TYLER, Major General Christopher, (52). Son of Major General Sir Leslie Tyler. To Sandhurst and then in his father’s footsteps to REME. To Trinity Cambridge, Staff College. Final appointment as Senior British Officer Allied Forces Northern Europe.1989, appointed Resident Governor of The Tower of London and Keeper of The Jewel House, the first Catholic since The Reformation. International Rugby Referee. Secretary of the Royal Humane Society and Master of the Turners Livery Company.



de VOMECOURT, Baron Pierre, (19) WW2 French Army, retreat to Dunkirk. Evacuation to UK. SOE - first group leader sent to France 1941. “Autogiro” circuit near Paris. Arrested, tortured by Gestapo sent to Colditz. Recruited his brothers Jean and Philippe, initially splitting the country between them – the first Resistance Leaders in France.


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de VOMECOURT, Philippe (19) SOE Agent. He put his property near Limoges at the disposal of the SOE to receive agents sent from England to France and received the first parachute weapons in France mid-June 1941. Under the name “Gautier” he ran the Ventriloquist network covering the Free Zone. He was arrested by the French police in October 1942 and sentenced to ten years in prison. Incarcerated at the Eysses Prison SW France he organised the largest escape in Occupied France of 53 prisoners. He went over the Pyrenees in January 1944 and made it to England. After a few weeks he returned to France in April 1944 to lead the Antoine-VENTRILOQUIST network in the Sollogne region under the name of "Antoine".



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de VOMECOURT, Baron Jean (17). WW1 Lt RFC. Wounded and receives British nationality. Mayor of Bonnal. WW2 Offers services to the British but fails to make it to England before the fall of France. Agrees with his brothers to organise the resistance and takes charge of Franche-Comté (important for passages in Switzerland) and the region of Nancy. Successful industrial sabotage and smuggles escapees to Switzerland. 1942 denounced and arrested sent to Oranienburg (Sachsenhausen) Concentration Camp. Starved to death Feb 1945.





WATERS, Major Philip Duncan (14) WW1 Commissioned The Green Howards, MC and MID. Between the wars, farming interests in France and Australia. WW 2 Major Scots Guards. 15 Aug 1941, Commander of the Firing Squad that shot the German spy Josef Jakobs: the last man to be executed at The Tower of London. A coup de grace was not necessary.








AZUCAR- CHAVEZ Carlos (00). San Salvador Lawyer. Professor, of international law, University de El Salvador. Magistrate, Supreme Court. Under-secretary War and Navy. Legal adviser, Bank of London and South America. 1955-6 Foreign Minister then Ambassador to London. Member Court of Arbitration, The Hague.




BAENA Duke of; Jose Ruiz de Arana (08); born 1893. Spanish Diplomat Montevideo, Washington, London. Ambassador Court of St James 1948 -53. Then at The Hague  with the Court of Arbitration. GCVO. RIP 1985.






BERWICK & ALBA, Duke of (96); Jacabo Stuart–FitzJames born 1878. Descendent of King James II of England and the most titled man in Europe. Madrid University, Courtier, Spanish Government Foreign Minister, member of Nationalist plot to bring Franco to command the Army 1936. Ambassador Court of St James 1939-45. Knight of the Golden Fleece. GCVO.  Olympic Silver Medal for polo 1920. Married Dona Maria daughter of the Duke of Hijar. RIP Lausanne 1953.



BERMUDEZ de CASTRO, Salvador, Duque de Ripalda (77).  The Duke was a prominent Spanish author, conservative politician and nobleman. A deputy for Oviedo (1891-1923), he served as Minister for Foreign Affairs 1919-21, 1917, 1913-15; Mayor of Madrid 1903-4 and Governor of the Bank of Spain (1922-3). One of 22 Jurists that ruled on the legitimacy of the Franco regime.



de BLACAS, Duque Pierre (79). Succeeded his brother 1866 as 4th Duke and 4th Prince. Deputy in the National Assembly for Maine et Loire Department 1906 till 1919. His family home the Chateau d’Usse was the inspiration for the Walt Disney castles.



BRENIER, Henri (81); born in Shanghai 1867, Lyons Chamber of Commerce, editor Journal des Debats. French member of the International Opium Commission1909. Assessor to the League of Nations on drugs and president of the Advisory Committee. Founder member of the Academy of Colonial Sciences 1922. Author.






BROWNE, Noel (34); born Waterford 1915, medicine at Trinity Dublin, MP Dublin South East for Clann na Poblachta. 1948-51. Minister of Health 1948-51, Independent MP 1951-54 and 1957- 65. MP Dublin North Central for the Socialist Labour Party 1981-2. Remembered for his campaign against TB and the Mother and Child Scheme.



BUCKLEY, William (39); son of oil baron William Buckley Sr, WW2 US Army, Yale University and recruited by CIA. Editor of The National Review and author. Right wing commentator but strong supporter of Civil Rights.  Host of Political TV show “Firing Line”. US Delegate to the UN. All round sportsman and musician. One of the most influential Americans of the 20th century.


CAPEL, Arthur “Boy” (97). Born Paris WW1 Liaison Officer French Cabinet Office, Political Secretary to the Council of Ministers. Playboy, polo player and lover and financial backer of Coco Chanel. Killed in car accident Dec 1919. CBE for his War service.


CAPEL-DUNN, Colonel Denis (21) From Leipsig to Trinity Cambridge, Barrister, WW2 Lt Colonel Intelligence Corps. Joint Staff Secretariat in the Cabinet Office. Present with Allied Leaders at Moscow and Yalta.  Representative at the San Francisco Conference for the setting up UN. Killed on the return flight 1945. Said to be Anthony Powell’s inspiration for Widmerpool in a “Dance to the Music of Time”.


CLASEN, Andrew (25) born Luxemburg to University College Oxford and Aix-La-Chapelle. Diplomat.WW2 1940 brought Luxemburg Govt to London. Minister in Exile till 1944 and then Ambassador 1955. Representative on the NATO Council. GCVO.



DOUGLAS, James Edward (38). To New College Oxford. 1940 Board of Trade. 1951 Head of the Economic section of the Conservative party research. Influenced policy and manifestoes up until 1974. Responsible for the leader electoral system that brought Heath to power.  Founded the Consumers’ Association 1963 and launched “Which”. 1977 he left politics to take up senior academic posts at Yale and Columbia and finally the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship at Princeton. OBE.



EMLY 2nd Lord (Gaston Monsell) (75) son of Liberal Peer and Government Minister succeeded 1894, State Steward and later Usher to the Viceroy of Ireland. Nationalist Peer and radical on Irish Home Rule. RIP 1932.


de FAYAL, Domingos. 5th Duke of Palmela (15) to Kings Cambridge. Director Banco Espirito Lisbon, Diplomat, Ambassador to London 1944-49. LLD Cambridge 1947. GCVO. Gulbenkian Foundation Trustee.




FRANCIA, Colonel John Lewis (80). Commanded Royal Malta Artillery 01-10. Chairman G Buttigieg Bank, Malta. Owned extensive flour Mills. 1919 the populace rioted over the price of bread and attacked the mills and his home in Valleta. The destruction and looting is now remembered as “Sette Giugno” one of the national holidays. His Home villa Francia is today the residence of the incumbent Prime Minister.




GRANARD, Bernard (Forbes) 8th Earl (90) succeeded his father, commd Scots Guards, Boer War. 1905 Liberal Government - Lord in Waiting, Assistant Postmaster General, Master of the Horse. KP and Privy Councillor. WW1 CO Royal Irish Rifles and MS to C in C Salonika Forces.  Irish Free State Senate 1922-34. King’s Representative at Ascot. Married American heiress Beatrice Ogden Mills.


GOMEZ Y GARCIA, Manoel Marques de Barzanallana (91). Spanish diplomat. Consul General London 1939- 43. Bucharest 1943-45. Brother Joaquim (91) KIA in the Civil War. A Hero of the Holocaust, he rescued hundreds of Jews from the authorities. “Of all the allies of Nazi Germany, Romania bears responsibility for the deaths of more Jews than any country other than Germany itself”. Decorated with the Crown of Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.  He acted beyond duty and contravened Regime policy putting his career and life at risk. RIP 1964.



GUNN, Selskar (96) son of Theatre Impresario Michael Gunn, to MIT, USA. Professor of Biology. 1911 Secretary of the American Health Association. 1917 Member of the International Health Board Red Cross, Central figure in the League of Nations Health Organisation. Vice President of the Rockafella Foundation.



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HENNESSY, George Ld Windlesham (87) son of Richard Hennessy of Cognac. Commd Kings Royal Rifle Corps  WW1 on the staff 8th Div. 1918 MP for Winchester, served in several Administrations as a junior Minister either Treasury or Whips office. Baronet 1927, 1931-41 Vice Chairman Conservative Party 1st Lord Windlesham 1937. RIP 1953.



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KELLY, Sir Christopher (65).To Trinity Camb and Manchester Univ. Civil Servant. Head of Fiscal &Monetary Policy1994. Permanent Secretary Dept Health 2000 Reports on Soham Murders. Chairman NSPCC 2002, Chairman Financial Ombudsman Service 2005. Chairman Standards in Public Life 2007. Chairman King’s Fund 2010.Chairman Responsible Gambling Strategy Board. KCB.




MARTYN, Edward (76) born Tulira Castle Galway, to Christ Church Oxford, Dramatist, novelist and art collector, patron Irish National Theatre. Became radical Irish Nationalist in the 1880s. First President of Sinn Fein 1905-8. RIP 1922.




MERRY del VAL, Marquis Alfonso (76) son of the Marquis to Louvain University. Spanish Diplomat served in most European capitals. Succeeded father in 1925. Ambassador to London 1913-31. Resigned on the abdication of the King. Many decorations including GCVO.



O’BEIRNE, H. E. Hugh James (81). To Balliol Oxford and entered Diplomatic Service. 1902 to Russia followed by Washington and Paris. 1906 Counsellor Embassy St Petersburg. Minister responsible for the British Russian Accord. 1915 mission to Bulgaria then Minister responsible for the War Department of the Foreign Office. He was one of the leading instigators for The Balfour declaration together with Sykes qv. 1916 selected to accompany Lord Kitchener to Russia. Drowned with him when HMS Hampshire went down 5th June 1916. CB, CVO, DL. JP.




O’BRIEN, Terence (54) to University College Oxford then returned to New Zealand. Diplomat as Ambassador to the EU and to the UN President of the Security Council during Bosnia War 1993. Head of the Economic Directorate of the Foreign Office, Founder the NZ Centre for Strategic Studies. Writer and Lecturer. Republican. Nickname “Chardonnay”.




OGILVIE-FORBES, Sir George (09) to University of Bonn and New College Oxford. WW1 Captain Scottish Horse, Middle East. 1919 Diplomatic service. Spain during the Civil War. 1937 Berlin organised Kindertransport for Jewish children.  1940 Minister to Cuba. 1944 Ambassador to Venezuela. KCMG RIP 1954. Memorial plaque at the Foreign Office “for courage and Ingenuity” in the rescue of Jews from Nazi Germany.



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OSMENA, Sergio 111 (61). G S of Philippine President. To Harvard and Georgetown. Businessman and politician. Imprisoned by Pr Marcos 1972. Escaped 1977 (made into the Film “Escapo”) Exiled USA. Secretary Progressive Party 1991. Senator for the Liberals then PDP. In office 1995 -07, then 2010-16.


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ORTOLI, Richard (67). The son of a French diplomat and an Anglo South American mother, he was born in Sydney, Australia. Further education at Seville, Leeds and Cornell. New York Lawyer, he is a member of the Assemblée des Français de l’Etranger, elected to represent the French in the United States.  Past President of the Committee of French Associations of New York, and President of the Corsican Association in the United States. Knight, Ordre National du Mérite, France.


PEZET, Federico Alfonso (68). Peruvian. To Military Academy Lima. During Chilean War had two miraculous escapes one from drowning in the Pacific and the second when a train exploded on a mountainside. Entered Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador to Mexico then First Peruvian Ambassador to USA 1912.


PORTAGO, Antonio Marquis a Carbasa de Vaca (10) to Christ’s Cambridge. Member of Spanish Royal Household. Polo player President of Spanish Polo,  Film actor, soldier and diplomat. 1936 Special Emissary for General Mola to Rome and Berlin to gain support for the Nationalist cause. RIP 1941.


Photo of Mr. Louis QUESNEL, former Senator



QUESNEL, Marie Josreph Louis (82). Nephew of French Minister of Finance. School of Political Science then Law. Secretary of the Society of French Farmers. Member for the Seine-Inférieure from 1900 to 1902 and from 1905 to 1912. Senator for Seine-Inferior from 1912 to 1927. Member of the Seine-Inférieure from 1928 to 1936. WW1 served as a Captain of Infantry, Legion d’Honneur, Croix de Guerre.



QUINONES DE LEON, Jose (91) son of Marquis Alcedo. Spanish Diplomat and confidante of Alfonso XIII. Ambassador to Paris, Delegate to the League of Nations.1925 proponent of Germany’s admittance to the League. 1936 plotted with OB’s Berwick & Alba and Del Merito to bring Franco to power. Guardian to Princess Juana, illegitimate daughter of the king.



de SALIS-SOGLIO, Count John Eugene (09) 8th Count. To Baliol Ox. Varsity Fencer. WW1 Irish Guards, BLO Marshal Joffre. Post War diplomat 1939 att to Duke of Windsor for controversial visit to France. Cabinet War Office. ADC to FM Earl Alexander Western Desert and Italy. RIP 1949.






de SCHOUTHEETE de TERVARENT, Baron Phillippe (47) Belgian born Berlin, to Louvain for law and political science. Diplomat and Civil Servant. Belgian Ambassador to Madrid, Political Director of the Foreign Office, Permanent Representative to the EU, Member of the Belgian Royal Academy, Academic and author.  RIP 2016.


SECONDE, Sir Reginald (40). To Kings Camb. WW2 Major Coldstream Gds. Post War Diplomat Ambassador Chile (Pinochet Coup 1973), Romania and Venezuela. KCMG. CVO. Director World Youth Music Foundation. RIP 2017.


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SWEETMAN, Gerard (25). To Trinity Dublin. Qualified Solicitor. Senator Fine Gael 1943-8. Dail 1948, Minister of Finance 1954 -57 Sweetman enacted policies that would make Ireland a net exporter. Known for high speed driving he was killed in 1970 after losing control of his car. The Taoiseach in his tribute said that he “commanded respect and attention", especially in matters of finance; a "gifted parliamentarian who loved the cut-and-thrust of debate" and who was as "fair an opponent as he was formidable". He noted a career cut short: "Through his tragic and untimely death Dáil Éireann and Irish public life have suffered a grievous loss. That loss will be felt all the more because of his great impact on, and contribution to, Irish political life".




SYKES, Sir Mark BT. (94) to Monaco, Brussels and Jesus College Cambridge. Inherited Sledmere. Boer War with Green Howards. Author Military and Middle East matters. 1904 PS to Chief Secretary for Ireland Set up the Arab Bureau. Designed Flag of the Arab Revolt. Author Sykes/Picot agreement with France. Drafted Balfour Declaration on Palestine. 1919 Paris Peace Conference. Died of the Spanish Flu. RIP.


SYNNOTT, Sir Hilary (62). Younger brother of Anthony (Academic qv.) To RNC Dartmouth and Peterhouse Cambridge. Submariner left 1973. Diplomat Paris, Bonn, Amman. 1991 Hostage negotiator Lebenon.1993 Deputy High Commissioner India.1996 Director S E Asia Affairs.2000 High Commissioner Pakistan. 2003 Governor Southern Iraq after Iraq War. Senior Consulting Fellow Institute of Strategic Studies. KCMG. RIP 2011.



de ZULUETTA, Sir Philip (42) son of Francis (Academic qv).  To New College Oxford. WW2 Capt Welsh Guards. Joined Foreign Office. 1955 -66 PS and Foreign Adviser to Prime Ministers Eden and Macmillan. KT 1963. Married g d of 1st Lord Windlesham qv.









ASPINALL, Sir John (68); Railway engineer and locomotive designer. Born 1851 at Liverpool son of a Judge. He was the first recipient of the James Watt International medal and was both President of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers. He was knighted for his contribution to the War   effort in 1917. RIP 1937.


Simons Muirhead & Burton, Anthony Burton CBE, London, ENGLAND



BURTON, Anthony Charles (65). Solicitor and Recorder of the Crown Court and a Higher Court Advocate. He specialises in fraud and business crime litigation, international criminal law, theatre law and defamation. He is a Council member of Justice, a member of the International Bar Association, the Law Society of England and Wales. He is also Chairman of the Death Penalty Project which provides free representation and assistance to anyone facing execution where the death penalty is imposed. Anthony has been associated with the Royal Court Theatre for 30 years and Chairman of the English Stage Company since 2005. CBE for services to the theatre.





CRONIN, Colonel Henry (11). BSc. WW1 lt. Inniskillng Fusiliers. Transfer to RE Wdd, MID, MC. Chief Engineer Metropolitan Water Board. WW2 Col. Engineer and Staff Corps advising Cabinet Office. He was elected President of the Institution of Civil Engineers in May 1952 for the November 1952 to November 1953. He became a fellow of Imperial College London in 1954. CBE, RIP 1977.




CUSSEN, Edward (23) To St John’s College Oxford, Barrister, Treasury Counsel, Prosecuting Counsel at the Old Bailey and Judge. WW2 The Legal adviser to MI5. Security interrogator. Led the PG Wodehouse treason inquiry. Prosecution Counsel Nuremburg War Crimes Trials.

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DOUGHTY, Andrew Gerald (35). Surgeon. To St Thomas’s. WW2 RAMC Burma. He was an English anaesthetist. In 1957, he invented the Doughty gag, a modification of the Boyle-Davis gag for anaesthesia during adenotonsillectomy. It has a split blade, which allows use of an endotrachael tube and is in universal use to this day. He was an early promoter of the use of epidural anaesthesia during childbirth. In 1973, he set up an epidural course that drew attendees from all over the world, and places had to be booked years in advance. MRCS LRCP FRCA FRCOG. RIP 2013.





GARDNER-THORPE, Dr Christopher (59). Neuro-surgeon. He trained in medicine at St Thomas’ Hospital London and then in neurology, holding the post of Consultant Neurologist at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and working now as an independent Consultant Neurologist. He has lived in Devon for more than half his lifetime and has a wide interest in neurology, including the manifestations of lupus within the nervous system. He enjoys Dartmoor and spends much time there but also has commitments in teaching medical students in the Exeter University Medical School, mainly in the Humanities – medical history, medicine and the law, and medical writing. He also examines and directs the courses in medical history at the Society of Apothecaries, a livery company in London. Freeman of The City of London. Editor and author of both medical and general interest books and journals. He is also an Expert Witness. MD , FRCP , FRCPE , FACP.

GILBERT SCOTT Adrian (00). Brother of Giles qv. Architect both with and separately from Giles. He embraced both Gothic and modernist designs. Work with Giles include the Beaumont War memorial, and Liverpool Cathedral. His own include the Anglican cathedral Cairo, St James’s Vancouver, numerous other churches and Aylesford Priory. WW1 Major RE Gallipoli and Palestine. MC.




GILBERT SCOTT Sir Giles (98) son and g s of architects. Articled to Temple Moore.1902 at 22 commissioned to build Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. WW1 with RM on sea defences. Post War works. Charterhouse Memorial Chapel, Libraries at Oxford & Cambridge, Power Stations at Battersea and Bankside (Tate Modern). Waterloo Bridge Parliament re-build. Numerous churches. K2 Red telephone box. President of the Institute of Architects. Order of Merit. RIP 1960.


Photo of Jerry Gilmore


GILMORE, Jerry (60). Surgeon. To Barts, Awarded Begley Prize from the Royal College of Surgeons. He was awarded the Moynihan Prize by the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and The Hamilton Bailey Prize by the International College of Surgeons. In 1976 he was awarded the Master of Surgery Degree by the University of London. He was then appointed as Hunterian Professor by the Royal College of Surgeons and Consultant Surgeon to St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.  In 1980 he recognised the syndrome of groin disruption in sportsmen and undertook the first successful repair. The technique later became known as “Gilmore's Groin”. In 1995 the award of Fellowship of the Institute of Sports Medicine.

GRYSPEERDT, Gordon Louis (31) Neuro-surgeon. To St Thomas’s. WW2 Sqn Ldr RAF MID. He trained in neuroradiology at the Serafima with Professor Lindgren in Stockholm 1950, at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases, Queen Square and the Atkinsons Morley Hospital. In 1955 Newcastle, a new Regional Neurosciences Unit was being planned. He planned the Neuroradiology Department which was built first and when completed was one of the best, if not the best in the UK. It includes a superb lecture theatre which was named in honour of him on his retirement. He made significant contributions to the World Neu- roradiological Literature, particularly in Occult Spinal Dysraphism and Magnification Cerebral Angiography. In Occult Spinal Dysraphism he developed myelographic techniques which later became standard practice throughout the world. Gordon was Senior Consultant in Administrative Charge of the Neuro- radiology Department, Regional Neurosciences Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne from 1957 to 1978 and the Royal Victoria Infirmary. He was President of the British Society of Neuro- radiologists (1972/1974) and was a founder member of the European Society of Neuroradiologists in Colmar, France, in September 1969. RIP 1993



JACKSON, Sir Edward (04) son of Sir Edward Moore Jackson to BNC Oxford, Inner Temple, Barrister. 1910 colonial service WW1 Lt RFA, Attorney General Nyasaland, Tanganyika and Ceylon. KBE. 1937 Malta, WW2 Deputy Governor throughout the Siege. Chief Justice Cyprus till 1951 KCMG,   UK Member of War Crimes Board.  RIP 1961.


Sir George Philip Langton, by Walter Stoneman, 1931 - NPG x168832 - © National Portrait Gallery, London


LANGTON, Sir George (96) t6o New College Oxford, Inner Temple Barrister 1905. WW1 Ministry of Munitions OBE. 1930 Judge of the High Court. Knighted. Chairman of the All England Tennis Club.



MANSFIELD, Pasha Charles John (74). Son of soldier, diplomat Sir Charles Mansfield, entered Egyptian government service. Inspector–in-Chief of Police. Pasha. Lived at the Koubbeh Palace. Donated the Dervish Koran of The Mahdi to Beaumont.



PAGE, Sir Leo Francis (07). Lawyer. Born Tasmania. To university College Oxford. WW1 Flt Cmdr RFC, wounded. Inner temple Barrister 1918.  Magistrate. High Sheriff of Berkshire. 1948 Kt. Wrote many influential books on the law and its application.



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ROGERS, Hon Mr Justice Anthony (64). Qualified as a Barrister. Hong Kong, QC, Chairman Bar Association. 1993 High Court Judge, 2000, Judge Court of appeal. 2011 Vice-President Court of Appeal, Senior Judge of the Civil Division. GBS, QC, JP




RUSSELL Lord Francis (84) son of 1st Lord Russell of Killowen. To Oriel Oxford, Lincoln’s Inn, Barrister. 1919 Judge Chancery Division, 1928 Lord Justice of Appeal. 2nd Lord Russell. PC. President Thomas More Society. Married daughter of Lord Ritchie one time Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer. RIP 1946.



RUSSELL, Hon Sir Charles Bart (81) brother of above. Solicitor founder of Charles Russell & Co. Acted for The POW and Lord Queensberry, the Canadian Government and the Jockey Club. British representative in the Behring Sea Arbitration. WW1 with Red Cross. 1921 KCVO. Created Baronet.



Image result for 3rd lord russell of killowen images



RUSSELL, Lord Charles Ritchie (26) son of 2nd Lord. To Oriel Oxford, Lincoln’s Inn, Barrister. WW2 Worcestershire Yeomanry RA.1951 Attorney General Duchy of Cornwall. 1960 Judge Chancery Division. 1962 Lord Justice of Appeal as 3rd Lord Russell.






STURRIDGE, Sir Nicholas (56). Studied dentistry at London RDS and Northwestern University, Chicago. Staff University College Hospital. Joined Harley St practice set up by his grandfather. He was appointed Surgeon Dentist to the Queen in 1975 and retired in 2007. KCVO LDS, DDS, BDS.




SULLIVAN, Alexander (79) Called to Irish Bar. KC Irish Serjeant at Arms. Defence Counsel Roger Casement Treason Trial. Serjeant Sullivan was the last of his title in the UK.




WILLIAMS John Garrett Pascoe (50). To Gonville & Caius Cambridge then St Mary’s Hospital. A Pioneer of British Sports Medicine and soft tissue injuries. He was during his lifetime the expert on athletic injuries and introduced many of the regimes used by top athletes today. Director Farnham Park Rehabilitation Centre. Founder and General Secretary of the Institute of Sports Medicine. MB, B. Chir, FRCS, D. Obst, RCOG. RIP 1995.







BEAUCLERK Fr Charles (73). A kinsman of the Duke of St Albans, he was a Jesuit priest who attempted to turn the town of Hollywell into the "Lourdes of Wales”. He was also notable for his connection to the novelist and homosexual Frederick Rolfe whom he had employed. Rolfe depicted Fr Charles as "that detestable and deceitful Blackcote" and "a hare-brained and degenerate priest". Early 1897 Rolfe was drawing his every Holywell acquaintance into his feud with Beauclerk. Eventually the priest's position became untenable and the Jesuit Provincial decided to transfer him. After Beauclerk left, Holywell's capacity to attract pilgrims declined. Later in life his main pass time was the Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship and the accumulation of evidence to prove that his ancestor Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford was the true author of Shakespeare's plays, an idea first suggested in 1920.

BLUNDELL Dom Odo OSB FSA (85) the youngest of four sons of Col Blundell of Crosby Hall a recusant Catholic family, Frederick who took the name of Odo became a novice in 1890 at Fort Augustus Abbey, and was ordained priest on August 9, 1896. He became a naval chaplain and had the distinction of being the first Roman Catholic priest to say Mass on a Royal Navy ship on a home station since the reign of James11. Later he took part in the Battle of Jutland. Ile wrote books on Ancient Catholic Homes of Scotland and of Lancashire, and was elected to the Council of the History Society. He was an ardent worker for the Apostleship of the Sea. 




Michaelcampbell johnston


CAMPBELL JOHNSTONE, Fr Michael SJ (49). He is an English Jesuit, Campbell-Johnston has helped shape the modern Jesuits, especially in its social initiatives. He worked with Jesuit Superior General Pedro Arrupe, SJ, has also served as provincial of the British Province and founded the Jesuit Refugee Service. He is particularly associated with war -torn San Salvador and Central America. Campbell-Johnston did his graduate work at the London School of Economics. He is descended from the Dukes of Argyll and his family hold the embalmed head of the “Great Montrose”.





DAY, Fr Henry (84). Son of Sir John Day. Brother of Joseph (Business qv). To SJ. Fine Horseman, Zambesi Mission. WW1 CF Cavalry Division, Gallipoli, Salonika, Mesopotamia, France. MC, Order White Eagle. “Most gallant amongst that gallant body of men who in all theatre of war shared the dangers, and hardships of the trenches, and the open field; and ministered with such sympathy to both the spiritual and bodily wants of all ranks: Father Day stood out for his simplicity, bravery, and breadth of vision…”  Gen Peyton .RIP 1951.





DEVAS, Fr Francis (93). To SJ. WW1 CF. Gallipoli and France with Royal Innsiskilling Fusiliers. Took his dog on all the campaigns. DSO, OBE, MID."It would be difficult to find a more remarkable Catholic family on the Western Front than that of the Devases, three of whom were chaplains.” “I don’t know whether to court martial Fr Devas for insubordination, he is constantly in dangerous places he has no right to be, or to recommend him for a VC” - Exasperated Divisional Commander. RIP 1951.





DUNN, Bishop Thomas (87). Priestly studies In Rome. Ordained 1893. Staff of Cardinal Vaughan 1903, Canon 1904. Appointed Bishop of Nottingham 1916. Died in Office 1931. Known for church Building, an increase in parishes, an impetus to religious orders and the restoration of the Pugin Cathedral.







GILBEY, Mons. Alfred (19) to Trinity Cambridge and the Beda College Rome, Ordained 1929. Chaplain Cambridge University 1932 – 65. Monsignor 1950. Author.




HOLLINGS, Mons. Michael Richard (39) To St Catherine’s Oxford. WW2 Major Coldstream Guards, Wounded, MID, MC.  !945 Joined Westminster Diocese, Studied Beda in Rome. Ordained 1950. Parish priest to both vagabonds and grandees. Adviser to ITV. Considered a maverick and near saint by those that knew him. Close friend of Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Writer and author. Dean of North Kensington. MBE.


LATTEY, Fr Cuthbert Charles (94). Entered SJ. First in Classical Mods & Greats Oxford. Ordained 1907. Prof of Theology. Editor and translator for the Westminster Version of the Scriptures. Leading Catholic Biblical scholar.  Author. Annual Lattey lectures at Cambridge Univ. given in his memory. RIP 1954.




MERRY del VAL, H.E Cardinal Rafael (77). Son of diplomat, younger brother of Alfonso (76) qv.  Pontifical Gregorian University. Ordained 1888,  Privy Chamberlain, Roman Curia, Archbishop of Nicea, Rep. at the coronation of Edward VII, 1903 Secretary of the Papal Conclave. Secretary of State for Pope Pius X. Cardinal. 1914 Secretary of The Holy Office. Case for canonisation opened in 1953. Currently honorific title Servant of God.





VANIER George Charles (39). Son of the Governor General of Canada. Brother of Jean and Bernard (Artist qv). Godson of Field Marshal Viscount Byng of Vimy. George was known as “Byngsie” WW2 he was commissioned in the infantry and served until the war ended. The war shocked his sensibilities; he was especially horrified by evidence of Hitler’s persecution of the Jews, and decided to become a monk in an attempt to make sense of a world gone mad.  He entered the Cistercian Abbey at Oka, was professed in 1948 and ordained a priest in 1952 as Dom Benedict. Vanier’s thinking was influenced by the Belgian philosopher Adolphe Gesché, who held that God is not an abstract, intellectual concept but an active, sometimes disturbing, presence in the contemporary world. If the Church is going through a crisis, Vanier said, it is because "God provokes us, challenges us. But like the sunlight that breaks through the darkness, be assured, God renews everything that seems to be dormant and without life." "He was a man of little things, a wise man of few words, a man who was aware of his own weaknesses and at the same time extremely forgiving of the weaknesses of others."  RIP 2014.


VANIER Jean (37) son of the Governor General of Canada. WW2 served in the RN and the Canadian Navy. 1950 resigned commission to attend Catholic Institute Paris. 1963 Professor of philosophy at University of Toronto. 1964 set up the charity L’Arche (Noah’s Arc) – group homes for those with development disabilities and those who assist them. Order of Canada, Legion D’Honneur. Asteroid 8264 named after him. Author.






BELLEW- BRYAN, George 4th Baron (67). Son of 2nd Baron. Cat. 10th Hussars Afghan war and Nile Expedition. 2i/c Imperial Yeomanry Boer War. International polo player. First tour of Australia 1899. Won the 1882 Kadir Cup for Pig Sticking India. 1914 Irish representative Peer. Lord Lieutenant for Louth.



BENTLEY, Bede. Son of the Architect John F Bentley. Served in the Boer War. Traveller Australia and New Zealand and extensively in Africa. 1907 -13, trans -Africa motoring expeditions. WW1 Considered by many to be the inventor of the Tank case supported by Winston Churchill. Married Marguerite Ribbentrop “the lady who killed 5 wild beasts in the Indian jungle with 7 bullets.” RIP 1939.



CHILVER-STAINER, Guy (37), To Woolwich. WW2 RHA awarded MC with 8th Army Tunisia. Wounded in Normandy Campaign. Captain Army Ski Team. Manager first British Olympic Langlauf Team 1956. CEO Scottish Ski Council.


Lubomir Chmelar


CHMELAR, Lubomir (53), Czech and American National. To Oxford for civil Engineering. Settled in New York, he first returned to Czechoslovakia in 1961, but a visit in 1987 led him to found the Prague-Vienna Greenways, a group of hiking-biking trails connecting the two capitals. The project progressed to include the restoration of the gardens at Valtice, a palace and estate in Moravia, and has focused on support to the community and heritage building along the trail. Prague-Vienna Greenways is now administered by the Environmental Partnership for Central Europe in Brno. RIP 2016.


CLIFFORD, Percy (25), settled in Mexico. Six times National; Open Golf Champion 1928-34. Mexican Team for the America’s Cup. Leading Central American golf course designer.



CORBALLY, Cyril (96). Home at Rathbeale hall Co. Dublin. One of those that brought about the resurgence of croquet within the UK. 5 times GB Champion before WW1. Introduced the Corbally mallet and style of play.


CRONIN, Dominic (81). To Trinity Dublin. Noted Cricketer. He played for the University and Co Cork. First cap for Ireland 1884. Captain of the Irish national side 1888 including the USA tour.


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de DION, Marquis Jules Albert (70), motor manufacturer, founder of the Paris Motor Show, French Automobile Club, French Aero Club, Newspaper proprietor, Founder of The Tour de France Cycle Race. Politician. Gave his name to The Dion Islands in Antarctica.




GOMEZ Y PARADA, Jorge (03). Mexico’s first famed international footballer in the opening decade of the 20th cent. Twice his country’s leading goal scorer. Founder of Mexico FC. In 1924 he was elected to the International Olympic Committee. Town house is now the Russian Embassy in Mexico City.



HOPE, Eduardo (27). From the Argentine. Represented his country in the Bobsleigh Event 1928 Winter Olympics St Moritz. Placed 5th. Also International polo player.






LARIOS, Pablo Marques de Malzales (80). Son of wealth business man and property owner in southern Spain and Gibraltar. Amateur Jockey, International polo player and MFH Royal Calpe Hunt 1891, an appointment he held for 40 years. A dispute between him and the Governor of Gibraltar General Godley was reported to King George VI as the “Godley and the unGodly”.



De LISLE, John Adrian March Phillips (09) Cricketer. WW1 Major 17/21 Lancers. John de Lisle spent his early life in India, returning to England in 1925 where he became a stockbroker as well as managing the family estates in Leicestershire. Described as a man with a passion for physical fitness, he captained Leicestershire in 1930, although he had first appeared while on leave in 1921. He made 72 and a career-best 88 on debut, but in his remaining 32 first-class matches he only averaged 8.40 with a highest score of 28. "He possessed no special ability as a run-getter and, having only recently returned from India, lacked intimate knowledge of first-class cricket" D L and High Sherriff.



McCANN, John Paul (97). Son of James McCann MP. Chairman Dublin stock Exchange, Director of The Bank of Ireland. International Polo player. Silver medal at the Olympics 1908 with Percy O’Reilly qv. Other Irish players included his brother Arthur (94), Leonard Morrogh- Ryan (94), John O’Neil–Power (97), and Ld Bryan-Bellew (67) qv.


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MACDONALD-BUCHANAN, Sir Reginald Narcissus (15) Son of Wealthy Argentinean landowner. WW1 Lt Scots Guards, wdd, MC. Married Daughter of Ld Woolavington. Horse breeder and Owner with wife to include 1941 Derby winner Owen Tudor and Abernant sprint champion. Steward of the Jockey Club. Owner of the finest collection of sporting art in the country at Cottesbrooke. MFH Pytchley. Sailing: Captain British 12 m Association.1958 RYS challenge for Americas Cup with Sceptre. KCVO, MBE. RIP 1981.



McCARTAN MOONEY, William (08) Cricketer. To Brasenose Oxford. President Octagonals Dining Club. He gained a reputation as a stylish upper order batsman. He played for Ireland 1909 -12. Toured USA but was at total failure with a score of 1 in four matches. It was written that Willie like other Old Windsor players bore the unmistakeable style of Beaumont in their approach to cricket: star qualities at entertaining off the pitch rather than on it. WW1 Capt. Duke of Cornwall’s light Infantry wdd. RIP 1961.




MELDON, John (Jack) Michael (83). Irish cricketer with his brother Walter and Cousins Philip, James and Budge. To Dublin University. Qualified as a solicitor. Cricket reputation as a “big hitter” First selected for Ireland in 1888 for tour of USA and then Captain for the next four seasons. Known as a sporting squire and for his social life.




MELDON, Lt Colonel Philip (95) Eldest son of Sir Albert Meldon. To Trinity Dublin. Joined RFA. 1898 first played Cricket for Ireland 1899 against I Zingari. “The slowest bowler ever in first class Cricket” but he took wickets. The same year he played Football for his country against Wales (winning Goal) but lost badly to Scotland. Commissioned he went to the Boer War. !905 played Cricket against the Australians. Military duties then precluded him from further internationals though he played for the MCC and for his county. Professor of Artillery Canada. WW1. France and the Dardanelles. DSO. He married 1921 Alfreda the daughter of Ld Cromwell. He retired 1928. lived in Armagh, captained the Cricket team. WW2 he rejoined the colours. Sixty-seven at the time of his death, he was working as an Intelligence Officer.  His brothers James and Budge also played International and County Cricket but as professional soldiers were, like Philip, limited in their availability.



MELVILLE, James Edward (53). Amateur Cricketer. He came to notice when instrumental in the only defeat of the outstanding Australians 1961 touring side. Playing for the Club Cricket Conference he took 6 wickets for 46 including Richie Benaud, Lawry, Jarman and O’Neil to defeat them by 8 wickets.  1962 first class debut for Kent dismissing the County Champions Yorkshire 3 for 28 and 4 for 78 including Boycott in his debut for a duck. “A lively seamer with the well disguised slower ball”.



DEL MERITO, Ricardo Duc de Algerciras (06). Spanish explorer: Led Hunting and exploratory expeditions in Africa and the Artic between 1922 -55.




MILLER, Capt.Sir Alastair, Bart (07). WW1 Capt. Irish Guards, transferred RFC. Post War motor, and motor cycle racing enthusiast nominated as “Mr Brooklands” for his many successes on the famed track from 1912 -31 winning races and breaking records. His tally of cars raced includes AC, Alvis, 200hp Benz, Bianchi, Buick, Delage I and II, sports GL Delage, Donnet-Zedel, Lombard, Leyland-Thomas, Mercedes-Benz 36/120hp , Miller-Napier, 1914 GP Nazzaro, 1914 GP Opel, Sunbeam, Talbot, Voisin and the Wolseleys, including the huge 11.7-litre aero-engined Viper of his own devising, and finally a works Riley with which, aged 38, he won the 1100cc class of the BRDC 500-mile race. Away from racing, he was party to a scandalous marriage which ended in divorce 1922. In the 1950s he was to spend  time in prison.






MITJANS y MANZANEDO, Juan 2nd Duc de Santona (82). Grandson of 1st Duke (inherited through mother). 1903 elected as Deputy to Congress for Castro Laerdo.  One of the founders of Polo in Spain and considered one of the best players of his époque.



MOORE, Count Charles (98) son of Count Arthur Moore. WW1 Capt. Irish Guards MC married Lady Dot Feilding MM. Privy Chamberlain to the Pope. 1937 Royal Stud and Racing Manager to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II. RIP.




MORRISS Henry Edward (97). Known as “Shanghai”. Far East newspaper tycoon with interests in bullion and property. Owned the Hellier Stradivarius Violin. Passionate about racing, his horse Manna won the 1925, 2000 gns and The Derby. Owned the Bansted Manor Stud Newmarket and bred 1940 Derby winner Pont L’Eveque and 1938 2000gns winner Pasch.





NAUGHTEN, Brig. Adrian (59). Destructive right hand bat and a left arm fast medium bowler of high quality, who played with distinction for Dublin University and Phoenix before making his career in the British Army. Here he rose to the rank of Brigadier, while also becoming Captain of Army Cricket, also played for The Combined Services and MCC, representing the last named against Ireland at Rathmines in 1974. He also played against India. D. Colonel Royal Irish Regiment. MBE.


NELSON, Jack (09) born San Marco Argentina. Polo player who won the US, Argentinean and British Championships. Captained the 1924 Olympic Gold Medal team. Non playing Captain to win again in 1936. Three times President of the Argentinean Polo Association. Instigated the Cup of The Americas.” No man is better mounted: no man rides them better”.




NOLAN-WHELAN James valentine (95). To Christ Church Oxford. Qualified as a barrister and practised in Dublin. Played football for the Freebooters with other OBs: the Meldons and O’Reillys. One of the youngest goalkeepers ever to take the field for Ireland, Jim Nolan-Whelan was just 20 years and 138 days old when he made his international debut. In all Nolan-Whelan was capped on five occasions between 1901- 2 tasting victory just once. Harry O’Reilly (98) played three times for Ireland 1901-4.


O’BRIEN, Terence (23) to New College Oxford. 1927 won Silver Goblets at Henley Royal Regatta in the coxless pairs. !928 Olympic Silver Medal at Amsterdam for the same event. 1930 Stroke for London Rowing Club VIII to win the Grand at Henley and then the Gold Medal at the British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

O'REILLY, Captain Percy Philip (84) Capt. Rifle Brigade was an Irish polo player who competed at the 1908 Summer Olympics. Together with John Paul McCann (97) and Auston Rotheram (father of 2 OBs), he was a member of the Irish team that won the silver medal.


PENARANDA De DOURO, Hernando Duke of (98). Younger brother Duke of Berwick & Alba, (Politics qv). Nephew Empress Eugenie. Member of Spanish Royal Household. International Polo Player (handicap 8). Led a team of Beaumont educated Dukes to play in the USA. 1920 Olympic silver medal with Spanish team. 1936 murdered by republicans in the Paracuellos massacre.



REVUELTO, Federico (95). Soccer player. Born in Guatemala but moved to Spain. He joined Real Madrid and Captained the side that won the Championship on four occasions between1904 – 8. He was President of the Club in 1916 and is considered among the best players ever produced by Central America.

RUSSELL, Denis Leslie (27). To University College Oxford. Played cricket for Middlesex, for whom he made 25 appearances between 1928 and 1932. In 1929 he scored 66 against Warwickshire at Birmingham and 52 against Kent at Dover, while in 1930 he enjoyed a triumph as a bowler, taking seven for 43 against Gloucestershire at Lord's. A right-handed bat, he had beautiful strokes, and with a slightly stronger defence, and perhaps a more stable temperament, he could have been a fine player. He was a slow-medium left-arm bowler who relied more on length and a bit of pace off the wicket than on spin. He was also an excellent field. In all first-class matches he made 666 runs, with an average of 13.87, and took seventeen wickets at 31.00. Stockbroker. WW2 Major Sussex Yeomanry and Special forces for which he received an MBE.



SARTORIUS, Vincente, 4th Marques de Marino (45). Son of a diplomat and Mil Attaché in London. Spanish Bobsledder 1956 Olympics 4th in the two man event and 9th in the four man. His second marriage was to Princess Nora of Lichtenstein a member of the International Olympic Committee.



TOLHURST Philip (67). Solicitor, Hon Degree and Pro-chancellor Essex University. Chairman of the Offshore Committee of the International Sailing Federation. A past Chairman of the Trustees of Raleigh International (Youth adventurous training) and deputy of the British America’s Cup Challenge.

TOPHAM Edward (96) succeeded his father and g s of “The Wizard” as Clerk of the Course and Handicapper at Aintree 1910-32. During his time he had in the Grand National the least number of finishers (4), the greatest number of starters (66), the race broadcast for the first time 1927. RIP 1932.




de TRAFFORD, Charles Edward (83). Son of 2nd Bart. In 1884 aged 20, Charles joined Lancashire Cricket Club. He soon made his name as a skilled cricketer and in 1885 joined The MCC. In 1894 he moved to Leicestershire as captain, a position in which he remained for 13 seasons. He is largely credited with making Leicestershire into a first Class Club. He captained MCC on the Tour of New Zealand 1906-7.He made his highest first-class score in 1913 against Derbyshire he hit 137 in 120 minutes. Notable feats at Lords include hitting the top of the flagpole with a six, putting another through the Committee widow without shattering the glass and finally a hit to Lord Harris’s Memorial gardens which has never been equaled. Dl, High Sheriff and JP. Married Lady Agnes Fielding. RIP 1951.


de TRAFFORD Sir Humphrey (82) 3rd Baronet. Born Trafford Park. Lt-Colonel Lancashire Yeomanry. Polo Player, Big Game Hunter. Breeder of thoroughbreds. Author of books on breeding and hunting.1904 special parliament act to assist his financial difficulties. 1907 taken to court for bankruptcy. RIP 1929.


de TRAFFORD Sir Humphrey (02) 4th Baronet. To Sandhurst, commd Coldstream Guards. WW1 MC. Amateur rider, member and Steward of the Jockey Club. Racehorse breeder and owner. Won St Leger 1958 with Alcide. 1959 won Derby with Parthia. RIP 1971.



WILLIAMS, Guy St John (65). Son of Desmond. (Business qv). He is a freelance author, columnist, racing historian and publisher. A member of the Irish distilling family, Guy was an executive of the company, specialising in brand creation and development for 14 years. He became immersed in horse racing as an owner, trainer and amateur jockey, having winners in all three guises under Rules and point-to-points. He took out a licence to train in 1979 and produced Daletta to win the Irish Grand National the following year. That success earned him the Young Trainer of the Year award. He worked as a stipendiary steward of the Jockey Club, Horse Racing Ireland, the Turf Club and Weatherbys. He has produced many of the definitive books on racing.




WOLFF, Frederick (29) born Hong Kong. Joined family firm of Rudolf Wolff & Co 1932 Olympic debut 200m at Los Angeles.1933 British 400 yrd title holder. 1936 Olympics Berlin ran the first leg for the British 4x400m relay; Gold medal. WW2 Capt Ox & Bucks L I. Chairman of The Metal Exchange. Group Leader and Trustee of HCPT. RIP 1988.






ANDERTON, Piers (29); born 1918 From San Mateo USA, Princeton University then Harvard and US Navy WW2, journalist and foreign correspondent for NBC. Emmy Award for “The Tunnel”1963. RIP 2004.




ASPINALL, Timothy (52). Journalist with Daily Mail, then Mirror and Express. Joined Granada Television wrote and produced Coronation Street in the 60s. Freelance with ATV, Thames and the BBC writing and producing many well-known dramas and documentaries. RIP 2000.



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de la BEDOYERE, Count Quentin (52). Former orator at Speaker’s Corner. Author, lecturer, poet and Critic on subjects ranging from business, marriage and faith issues. Writer of Maxims. He reserves his contempt for “the wishy-washy boneless mediocrity that flap around in the middle”. As an artist, he has exhibited at major London galleries. His portrait of the Queen Mother was accepted by The Queen. Author on drawing techniques.



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BECKETT, Francis (62). Son of John Beckett one time Labour MP and then Fascist. Philosophy at Keele University. President of the National Union of Journalists. Labour Party Press officer. Contributor to the Guardian, Independent and New Statesman. Author of Biographies, Contemporary History, Education and playwright.




BURDEN, Paul (62). Nephew of Hugh (Actor qv), to LSE then business reporter Manchester. 1983 joined BBC. Radio “Today” programme then TV News presenter and financial news on the Breakfast Programme.



BURDEN, Peter (66). Younger brother of Paul qv. Before he became a full time author, he was many things. After a spell as a restaurant troubadour, he travelled to Morocco in the early 70’s to buy ethnic garments and gather a great deal of life experience. He became a fashion king and in 1975 launched the cult jeans brand, Midnight Blue. His first novel Rags, published in 1987 and based on his experiences in the fashion trade, was described by the Mail on Sunday as “a splendidly lively whiz through the fashion fringes of the Swinging Sixties.” It quickly appeared in the bestseller lists and was followed by several more novels, including collaborations in turf fiction with John Francome. Peter was later responsible for transforming Jenny Pitman into a best-selling novelist, having introduced her to the idea and ghosting three best sellers for her. More recently, he ghosted the posthumous autobiography of 60's heartthrob, David Hemmings. He followed this by helping Leslie Phillips with his autobiography, Hello and, most recently, by producing the well-received, incisive and forensic examination of the activities of Britain’s most controversial tabloid, in News of the world? Fake Sheikhs & Royal Trappings, described by former NotW editor, Derek Jameson as “a well-documented exposure of underhand tactics, gross intrusion and embarrassing cock-ups.”



CAPES, Bernard (67) left for journalism and wrote for the leading periodicals of the day. !897 became a full time and prolific author of romance, crime and the supernatural. Died of the Spanish Flu at Winchester (memorial plaque in the Cathedral) 1919.


DALLEY, John Bede (89) born Sidney son of the Australian Statesman, to University College Oxford, Barrister, fine horseman but a fall caused deafness, became journalist and acclaimed author depicting society life. Missing presumed drowned while fishing 1935.


DEVINE John Berchmans (30) only son of Sir Hugh Devine FRCS, the distinguished Melbourne surgeon. He graduated in 1937 from the University of Melbourne with first-class honours, and was awarded the Jamieson prize in medicine. He was resident medical officer and registrar at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, and in 1940 proceeded to the MS degree. He joined the Australian Army Medical Service early in the war of 1939-45 and was sent on active service to the Middle East. He served through the siege of Tobruk and in Syria, with permanent damage to his health. His book on his experiences, The Rats of Tobruk, illustrated with his own sketches and photographs, had a distinct success. He was mentioned in dispatches. Coming to England immediately after the war he worked at Guy's Hospital and took the Fellowship in 1946. He then went into surgical practice in Melbourne, and was appointed to the staffs of the Alfred and later the Royal Melbourne Hospitals. He made a distinguished place for himself as a surgeon in practice, research, and writing, when he was taken seriously ill at the age of 39. He died suddenly from coronary occlusion on 31 October 1955 aged 42.


FRENCH, Capt. Hon William (74) Eldest son of 3rd Lord de Freyne. Barred from inheritance as his parents had a catholic marriage. Capt. Connaught Rangers, Egyptian wars. To New Mexico, Rancher, frontiersman and Sheriff. Employed the Wild Bunch – Butch Cassidy and Sundance as cowhands, also outlaws Joel Fowler and Black Jack Ketcham. Present at the “Frisco shootout” and the Apache wars with Geronimo final stand. Wrote “Recollections of a Western Ranchman” “An amazing gem. Capt. French managed to live through more wild times and adventures than would have been thought possible. Truly the 'wild west'. Written in an understated tone, with a sense of humour. Some great wild animal encounters/stories in addition to the cowboys, Indians, cattle rustlers, train and stagecoach robberies”.




FOLEY, Charles (26). Nephew and literary executor of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Born in India and began working as a journalist in Paris on the Paris Herald, a European edition of the New York Herald. From 1940 to 1955 Foreign Editor on the Daily Express. Known for “a tight Ship” a reporter once cabled “unnews is good news” to receive the reply “unnews is unjob”. In 1954 he interviewed Hitler's former commando chief, Otto Skorzeny –  Foley subsequently wrote Commando Extraordinary, Otto Skorzeny, an account of Skorzeny's war-time exploits. He also wrote a biography of Rudolf Hess Hitler’s Deputy. In 1955 Foley moved to Cyprus and took over The Cyprus Times when the civil war was breaking out between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, and the Greek Cypriot EOKA was starting an armed struggle against the British colonial government. He later published a number of books on Cyprus and edited Conan Doyle’s “A Life of Letters”.




JERNINGHAM, Charles Edward (68). Commd. Grenadier Guards. Gave up the sword for the pen. Editor Vanity Fair “The spirit of the age”. He wrote under the pseudonym of “Marmaduke” and is best remembered for his Maxims – witticisms that have stood the test of time. WW1 War Office. JP County of London. RIP 1921


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JOSS, John (50). To Dartmouth. Left Navy. Journalist The Motor Cycle and acted in the West End then emigrated to USA He raced cars, motorcycles and yachts,, worked in the Gulf of Mexico oil patch, flew the Space Shuttle Simulator, evaded a Soviet military spy in Washington, helped find the sunken nuclear submarine Thresher, flew with the Blue Angels, the Marine Corps and the U.S. Air Force, wrote business plans for Silicon Valley startups, was the first pilot to fly and write about the U-2 spy plane, dodged a minefield at Fort Irwin, California, wrote for major media, created a high-tech series for network radio, commentated at car and motorcycle races at tracks, sailed around the world, penned twenty novels, non- fiction books, screenplays and plays.




LEVI, Peter (48) to Heythrop ordained SJ. Left 1977. Poet, travel writer, biographer, critic and archaeology correspondent for the Times. 1984 Appointed Professor of Poetry Oxford. Married Deidre widow of Cyril Connolly.



MOORE, Augustus Martin (73). Son of George Moore, Philanthropist and MP of Moore Hall. Journalist, poet and theatre critic, Editor of The Bat and then society journal The Hawk. Exposed “Flapdoodle” where he saw it. Famed for his quarrel with American Artist James Whistler who described Augustus as “One of the most squalid specimens of those infamous womanising Journalists”.  He died in 1918 of the Spanish Flu. Moore Hall was destroyed by the IRA in 1923.



PATMORE, Francis Joseph (03). Son of Coventry Patmore the author and poet. WW1 Capt. Hampshire Regiment. POW at Kut. Maltreated by the Turks. War Poet best known for "Valour and Vision:  Poems of the War, 1914 - 1918", published by Longmans, Green in 1920. Awarded MC. Post War Magistrate in Kenya but a semi –invalid from his captivity. RIP 1932.



ROBINSON, Wilfrid (67). Papal Zouave1868-70 in the conflict between the Vatican and the Italian State. Settled in Bruges. Historian wrote the History of the Papal Zouaves. 1910 to London, journalist in various reviews. Ed. Caxton Review. Elected Member of the Royal Historical Society (1901). RIP 1933.

Tony Russell


RUSSELL, Anthony “Tony” (63). To Magdalen Oxford for Classics, A music historian and critic, Russell has written about blues, country, jazz and other American music for MOJO, The Guardian and many specialist magazines. He is also a consultant on TV documentaries. His books include The Blues: from Robert Johnson to Robert Cray, The Penguin Guide to Blues Recordings (with Chris Smith & others), Country Music Originals: The Legends and the Lost, 1956: The Year That Changed Britain (with Francis Beckett) and the seminal Blacks, Whites and Blues. He has been twice nominated for a Grammy for his authorship.


Alexander Teixeira de Mattos by Hoppe.jpg


TEIXEIRA de MATTOS, Alexander (81) born Amsterdam. Title of Joonkherr. Dutch journalist, literary critic, publisher and translator of major French and Dutch works. Known as “Man about Town”. WW1 Head of War Trade Intelligence.  RIP 1921.



VENABLES, Roger, Evelyn Cavendish (29) Born in Bulgaria. To Christ Church Oxford. Poet and Writer.  Settled in Cornwall in the Lamorna Valley. Produced over a dozen Volumes of poetry 1942 – 2003. Honoured as The Bard of Cornish Gorseth 1984. Known as an eccentric with his long white beard, black cloak and shepherd’s crook RIP 2012




WESSEL, Richard Shirley (27). Journalist. Joined the BBC. WW2 Newsreader and announcer. Best known for the first report from Paris of the liberation of the city 1944.